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Finally we made it again. We visited the one and only destination for authentic Lebanese cuisine again –  Zaroob. It was quite busy for a Friday and we had to expect a waiting time of 30 minutes in case we wanted to sit outside. Therefore we took a seat inside, which turned out to be much more entertaining anyway. Zaroob’s concept is easy and straight forward. One finds a paper menu on the table to tick whatever one wishes to eat or drink. The only tricky part is to know what the names of items listed on that menu means, if you are not familiar with this type of cuisine.

ZaroobAs I was the first one to arrive at the restaurant, and waited for the girls to arrive I made use of the time and started reading through the menu. Within a minute of having sat down, the waiter approached us to welcome me at Zaroob and asked if I expected more people to join and if so, if i wanted to order something to drink while waiting. I asked for Moroccan tea, prepared medium sweet. The tea was served within 2 minutes only, which was extremely quick as the place was packed.

20140117_163113_resizedIt was not only served quick, it was also served with a smile. A great start into a delicious lunch experience at Zaroob. Once the ladies arrived, we started ticking off what we wanted to eat, on the menu. Fattouch, Haloumi sticks, chicken Shawarma, hummus and falafel. We also ordered more tea and a bottle of water. When placing our order, the waitress read out loud what we ticked off, to confirm the same. I believe she must have thought that we ordered too much and she was right. She furthermore informed us that the food would  arrive when ever it was ready to be served and might not come all at the same time. She wished us a good meal and left. Minutes later the salads and hummus were served and we were ready to dig in. It was just as expected – delicious.


While enjoying the food we kept observing the happening around us. Waiters kept running up and down the stairs to serve food, clean tables and make sure everyone got what has been asked for. All of them smiled at all times, even though one could tell that they were under an extreme pressure of time. Waitresses and waiters seemed to be generally happy with their job and seemed to enjoy serving guests and that the restaurant was as busy as it was.



Two waiters caught our attention specifically. Why? Because these two, stood behind the juice bar, joking around, throwing oranges and carrots at each other, and entertaining guests unintentionally. It was a pleasure watching them having so much fun at work, while preparing fresh, mixed juices for their guests.

20140117_162623_resizedThis is what we like so much about Zaroob. The experience, the service with a smile and the attitude service representatives apply while dealing with guests. It is a fine dining restaurant? No, by all means it is not, but Zaroob is one of these places where customers go to and expect absolutely brilliant tasting food and wonderful service, for literately no money.

It is a must for anyone who like Lebanese cuisine and looks for one of a kind service experience. We will certainly not wait for another year to visit Zaroob again, it has been too long already anyway, since our last visit.

We hope you enjoyed our short review today and hope to keep you entertained with many more of this kind in future.

Keep exploring,






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  • Once of the most unique places in Dubai. I love it.

    January 25, 2014 at 6:53 pm
  • I miss this kind of food. I can’t get it anywhere in the States and I’m barely good enough at cooking to not burn the eggs in the pan.

    January 25, 2014 at 9:03 pm

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