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Zaatar W Zeit – Cross Check Dubai

Good evening food lovers, diners and valued followers!

Servicexcellence decided to go for Lebanese cuisine tonight, and it was a good decision, very good!

The food at Zaatar W Zeit is always fresh, healthy and tasts delicious. From halloumi sticks to Manakeesh, Zooza salad to pizza – you can never go wrong with anything from the menu!

We ordered ice tea, yogurt drink (very fresh and just the right amount of spices and salt), one Zooza and one Cezar salad!

The order was taken within seconds and the food delivered within minutes.

The halloumi sticks were fried to perfection, crisp on the outside and the cheese just about to melt inside.

The salads were fresh and more than enough for a healthy, balanced meal.

The drinks refreshing and tasty, especially the yogurt one went well with the salads and cheese.

Above all, the service, and this is what we focus on, was just perfect. Our waiter Rawad was friendly, very polite and paid a lot of attention to detail. He asked if everything was up to our expectations, offered additional dressings for our salad and alsways had a very nice facial expression – a smile on his face!

Also the manager, Mr K. was very friendly. He passed by our table and checked if his guests were happy. His attitude and the way he approached us was very kind, he must have be the ones training his colleagues!

Happy with the service and filled with fresh and healthy food, we filled out one of the comment cards we were offered and left with a smile.

Months back, one of Servicexcellence’s first reviews was about Zaatar W Zeit as well – Beirut, Lebanon.

The experience was very positive back then and I am happy to say that the restaurant chain successfully implemented very high service and quality standards and achieved consistency across different regions!

Well done Zaatar W Zeit- keep it up, we will be back!





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