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Xiao Wei Yang – Hot Pot, Dubai Marina

Good morning to all of you and Happy Easter!

We would like to start the week with one of the most exciting and best dining experiences we ever had in Dubai. After an eventful weekend with the family, we thought of fading away out Saturday night accompanied by authentic Chinese cuisine. Have you ever been at the Xiao Wei Yang Hot Pot restaurant in the Marina? If not then it is time for you to head down there and enjoy traditional Chinese food in a very authentic Chinese setting.


We arrived there just before 7pm last night and were lucky to get a table. We had to wait a couple of minutes only, as the place was packed with a mixture of Chinese, Indian, Pilipino and European guests. It was loud, busy and great fun. After we helped ourselves with a couple of soft drinks at the fridge, we sat down at one of the tables which had an induction field built in.


A Chinese lady passed by, smiled at us and handed over a paper card menu and a pen, for us to tick off what we wanted in our hotpot. After observing us for a while, a colleague of hers noticed that it was our first time in Xiao Wei Yang; he must have thought that we did not really know what to order and how much of each ingredient, and handed over a plastic menu filled with pictures and English descriptions.


Once we knew what we wanted to taste, we ordered – and we ordered a lot: Shitake mushrooms, noodles and two portions of rice, steak meat, spinach, Chinese cabbage, Tofu, crab sticks, sweet potatoes and a couple of spring rolls. You can already tell that the two of us were not able to finish it all. The Hot Pot itself was a so-called “Twin Set Hot Pot with herbs”, half spicy and half mild. It arrived within minutes, followed by all ingredients and the sides.


Oh, it was a feast. We kept on chucking in the hotpot, what was in front of us.

The overall service level was limited; not a lot of service nor interaction with the guests, but there was no “real” service needed. It reminded us of our time in Hong Kong, where people shared tables with strangers, ordered what they wanted, ate and left. A busy, friendly and authentic environment; it was great.


Not only the environment- the whole dining experience was great and most probably the best meals we ever had in 5 years of living in Dubai.


A tip from our side: try to dine at Xiao Wei Yang before 7pm (especially on weekends) as after 8pm you might end up being one out of 30 guests waiting outside for a table and an awesome tasting Hot Pot.

Have a great day and week ahead everyone.

Keep exploring,



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