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Weekend Escape – The Beach House

Looking for a weekend escape?

The Beach House at Park Hyatt on Saadiyat Island is the place to be!

The Mediterranean cuisine is not the only outstanding feature The Beach House has to offer! It comes along with a fantastic view over miles of natural white beach, a bright blue sea and super attentive, friendly service!

The concept of the place is fairly simple – light summer dress, flip flops and enough time to spend a day in the sun – The Beach House has it all!
The menu offers house specialties such as The Catch of the Day or Paella but also dishes to share like Buffalo Mozzarella or Fried Cuttle Fish with lemon sauce! The menu was designed by Chef Michelle, who cooks with passion, and even if the place is packed with long staying guests and those who look for a short break of the hectic life in Dubai, she takes her time to leave the kitchen and welcomes her guests personally! The service staff at The Beach House is super attentive, detailed and above all, always smiling!

Sitting there for a couple of hours you start wondering how nice it would be to actually check in and stay a little longer!

The table behind us was occupied by a German couple, also having lunch. From their conversation we could hear that they have been in Park Hyatt for a couple of days already. When Alexander, the waiter came to their table and handed over the menu, the lady said: Oh Hello Alexander, we are so happy to see you again today, how are you? … Followed by a small conversation, we figured out that the couple had been in UAE for their first time and did not know what to do in Abu Dhabi. Alexander simply took a piece of paper and wrote down a couple of sights and places to go for them! A nice touch that service staff there is so helpful and hospitable, to take their time really caring for their guests, even though the place was full and guests waited to be seated! We, SEB, are very impressed and already plan our next trip to Park Hyatt but this time staying over night and enjoying a Roof Top Mojito, the signature cocktail of the Roof Top, while watching the sun set over Saadiayat Island Beach!

The Bad: we had to drive back to Dubai

The Good: the location, the wonderful food, the amazing service, choose one!!!!

See you there,



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