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UBK – Urban Bar Kitchen

It is finally open! UBK at the Moevenpick Hotel in Jumeirah Lakes Towers. We even went twice to check out the place a couple of days after opening their doors to the public. The entrance is hard to find, once you reach at the hotel you need to walk through a restaurant and a bar to reach to UBK steep stairs reaching down to the pub.


A friendly hostess welcomes you to the licensed pub and points the way down the stairs. On Wednesdays UBK had ladies night, where female guests receive a stamp and a voucher for one free drink as well.
To be fair, the pub was quite busy on both nights. This could have two reasons, number one, that the bar just opened and people are curious about the place or that the hotel starts picking up on guests and sends them down to the pub for a welcome drink, to relax and unwind.

Nevertheless, being a JLT resident, we just wanted to know what UBK will be like after passing the sealed windows for so many times trying to get a first glance of it.
On the first night we ordered beers and bar snacks. Stellas, a burger and fritted calamari with wasabi powder. The drinks were served promptly (we sat at the bar) and the food did not take too long either to arrive. The burger was ordered medium – well done, however did not taste like that at all.


The meat was overcooked but the potato chips were raw inside. The calamari fritters were so salty that we had to send them back. Well I am not concerned about the food issues, as a couple of days after opening this is quite normal and it will balance itself out over time.


The butternut spinach salad with feta cheese and nuts was quite okay, even though a little bread would have been nice with it, no sides were served.


Servicexcellence is not known as a chef, we comment on food as per our personal taste. We focus on the service side of things and I must admit, service is quite nice. All waiters, and I mean really all of them have a great and welcoming attitude towards guests, and constantly smile at them. One feels that they are trying all they can to make guests happy. A note on the side and a personal recommendation would be that if UBK offers frozen Margaritas complimentary and a guest asks for an alternative mentioning that she suffers of severe tooth pain, bar staff should think out of the box and try to create another drink (no ice), and not just say :”No!”. When you are dealing with individuals and guests in the hospitality industry, requests like these are quite normal to happen and it leaves a bad taste behind if “No” is the answer – this is what we call guest service. The atmosphere however is great and considering that the place just opened its doors, the staffs’ attitude is great and welcoming. We will be back in a month to see how things are at UBK. Happy weekend everyone, SEB


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