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Twelve, Aloft Abu Dhabi

Good day to all of you. We hope you are doing very well and are already looking forward to the weekend. Just before the end of the week we thought to share our latest experience with you.

Spending an entire week in Abu Dhabi, we had the chance to catch up with old friends, work hard and also visit one or the other place that Abu Dhabi has to offer.

Being situated in the heart of the ADNEC – Exhibition Centre, there are limited choices for visitors to enjoy a great glass of wine or good food. One has the choice between the Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel or the Alfot. This time we visited Twelve, Aloft’s bar, located on the twelve floor of the hotel. It has been a while since we last entered the bar, and to our surprise, nothing had changed since then. The seating arrangement, the bar as well as the menu were the same.

The only new addition to Twelve were the waiters and friendly security man at the door. It was about 6pm when we got out of the elevator and met our friend at the entrance of the bar. The security man, a young and dynamic, friendly individual smiled at us and… asked for our IDs. Wow, what a compliment we thought and presented our IDs to him with a smile. He thanked us and wished us a great evening. We thought that one day, the day we are asked for our IDs would feel funny; funny was an understatement – it felt great and made us laugh all night.

The bar was empty, and we therefore had the choice to sit wherever we wanted to. Of course, we chose to sit on one of the high tables – this is were one has the best view. See it for yourselves.

The waiter approached us, handed over the menus and wished us a great evening. We looked through the happy hour offers and ordered two glasses of Merlot. Considering that it was not busy at all, we were not surprised that our wines were served within minutes. The waiter, noticed that we had a lot to catch up about and said: ”I will leave you ladies alone, and wish you a great evening. Please let me know if you need anything.” What a nice move we thought; what a great way to show respect towards our privacy.

The ambience was great, the wine tasty and the view breath taking. We felt hungry and ordered some Salmon Maki, along with another glass of wine. The Maki did not take long to be served as well. Another hour passed and another waiter approached us to offer another round of drinks. We thanked him and denied. Minutes later, his female colleague came too and offered us another round again. We thanked her too, and told her that one glass a day might be healthy, according to the Queen of England; two glasses were a treat, three however far too much.

She smiled, thanked us and left. We thought this was it, and did not pay further attention to the fact that two waiters had approached us already, until the point when a third colleague came and offered the same again. Feeling slightly irritated we decided to ask for the bill and call it a night.

Understanding the employees’ motivation to up-sell and recommend beverages to their guests, we initially did not mention anything to them. The lack of communication and team work between the staff however, resulted in an uncomfortable feeling and wired last impression about Twelve’s approach towards customer service.

We would like to thank our friend for a great evening and hope to be back in Abu Dhabi soon, next time however, we will look for another place to meet at.


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