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Good day to all of you, we hope you had a great weekend so far and did not miss us too much. It has been a couple of hectic weeks and we apologize for not being in touch lately. What happened to our reviews – well we were busy being out and about checking out new places and faces around the United Arab Emirates. Here is our latest review – Tribeca.

Tribeca is located on the first floor of the Jebel Ali Ocean View Hotel on Jumeirah Beach Road. We went there on a Thursday night and found ourselves thrown into a combination of healthy organic food combined with authentic service. The venue’s look reminded us of an urban, casual but yet modern restaurant in downtown Manhatten. Offering outdoor and indoor seating, the restaurant is split into a bar area as well as a lounge and dining venue. Not really one of the biggest restaurants – in terms of floor space, nevertheless it ‘felt’ spacious. The ceiling is high, the interior futuristic and the overall atmosphere unique.

Statue of Liberty, Tribeca Dubai

Tribeca’s interior design is definitely one of it’s plus points. The carefully chosen decorative items such as huge paintings, wooden tables, modern furniture and contemporary art are not only reflected in the staff’s uniforms but also in their service. From the hostess who greeted us friendly and offered us a table on the semi – open terrace, to the waiter to took care of us during the night – everyone was friendly, had fun serving us and were knowledgeable about Tribeca’s products such as food and beverages.

Menu, Tribeca

Being known for their healthy, organic food our menu choice on this occasion was fairly difficult. All items on the menu sounded mouth-watering. We decided to order a couple of starters instead of mains, so that we could try a few more of the chefs’ creations than usual. We had three different kinds of Bruschetta, truffle oil organic eggs and mushroom pasta accompanied by an extra cold beer and a glass of Pinot Grigio.


What a wise choice. The waiter repeated the order, smiled and left us. The drinks were served within minutes, the food arrived about ten minutes after we placed the order. We just had enough time to observe the happening around us, and saw that Tribeca filling up more and more by around 9pm. The more guests entered the restaurant the greater and more vibrant the atmosphere became. The DJ’s playlist, a combination of light house and club remixes added great value to the overall feeling.


The food just made the experience perfect. We enjoyed Bruschetta served with classic garlic – onion and tomato toppings, mushroom paste and almond – nuts cream, organic eggs served in a pumping hot fry pan, soaked in truffle oil and pasta to die for.


Our initial plan was to only stay at Tribeca for a quick dinner before heading down to another bar. What can I say, we enjoyed the atmosphere and friendly service so much that we could not decide what to do – should we stay or should we go?


We decided to let destiny plan the rest of our evening and wrote down a couple of options on a piece of paper, tore the paper apart and crumbled each of the paper cuts up into small balls. We then asked the waiter who cleared our table to choose one of them. Guess which one he chose? Tribeca. ‘How bizarre’, we thought. He smiled at us and said: ‘Well, as you are now going to stay here for some time, may I offer you another round of drinks and our dessert speciality – home made Tiramisu?’


That was an offer we could not refuse, and as said, we let destiny decided where we would spend the rest of our evening. I know I might be repeating myself here but, what a great choice. The Tiramisu served in a glass jar was moist, creamy, authentic and just delicious. We managed to eat ourselves through half of the jar until we were defeated and our bellies were about to implode – organic and healthy, authentic and fantastic tasting food which it was definitely worth while skipping breakfast on the next day.

What else is left to share with you apart from answering the question if we would return to Tribeca one day – the answer is YES, yes we will and we are already looking forward to it.

Well done Tribeca – Team, from the hostesses, to the waiters and the talented team in the kitchen!


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