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Toro Toro – this time for Brunch

Good evening to all of you. We hope you had a great start into the week!

Most of you must have been to Toro Toro at the famous Grosvenor House before. And for those who have not been there yet, but follow Servicexcellence Blog for a while, you must have read our review about our dinner date one night there.

Toro Toro, located in Dubai Marina, designed by the famous Latin American Chef Richard Sandoval, spans over two floors overlooking Dubai Marina. The restaurant offers cuisine from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo and is famous for it’s unique style and great service. One can enjoy a drink in the elegant Cachaça Bar, romantic dinners or awesome brunches with a bunch of friends.

Toro Toro Brunch

As we already had the pleasure to dine there one night, we now chose to discover Toro Toro as a brunch guest.

We booked a table of 8 a couple of days in advance. The lady on the phone noted down our details and confirmed the reservations minutes after via email. As the brunch date and the weekend came closer, more and more friends cancelled as they were busy with catching up with work and family business on their days off.

We therefore had to call up Toro Toro the night before the brunch again to inform that we would only be two couples this time. Again, the same lady who took our reservation before (unfortunately she spoke so quickly that we were not able to note down her name), was very kind, showed understanding for our drop down in numbers of guests she would have to entertain on the following day and asked if we would like to receive another confirmation via email We declined, thanked her and told here that we were looking forward to experience brunch at Toro Toro on the following day.

We really did have a great experience, even before we entered the stylish restaurant the next day. The brunch itself was just great. The service staff was spot on and the food was delicious.

We were welcomed by Paolo, who was our main waiter for this afternoon. He was remarkable, not only because he was fast, attentive and friendly but he also showed us something not a lot of people do this days – a genuine smile and passion for what he calls a ‘job’.

Paolo offered us still and sparking water, and house beverages to start off our brunch. He also offered us Tortillia chips with Guacamole and offered us a great choice of non – alcoholic beverages for our friend who did not intend to consume any alcohol.

Minutes later, our drinks were served and accompanied by the chips and a selection of olives and nuts. We finished the first round of drinks while the service staff started to serve us one delicious starter after the other one.

Paolo from Toro Toro

We enjoyed every single one of them and just before we could even ask for more, Paolo approached us to offer us more Tortillia chips. As said, he was very attentive and made sure all his guests felt welcome and had a great time.

Once we were ready, we turned around the cards from red to green, which signalized the service staff that we aimed to enjoy some of the chefs’ beef cuts, prawns and lamb. The cards have two sides, a red and a green one, and are placed next to everyone’s water glass on the table. A smart and clever idea to make the staff aware of the guests’ desire without having to interrupt them.

The beef cuts, prawns and lamb were divine. Furthermore we were served home-made potato chips, vegetables, and of course more Guacamole. Paolo and his team really looked after us very well.

As desert we received half a water melon filled with water melon and lime juice, sugar and rum. On top of that, each guest received an iced lolly pop made out of rum and water melon. For our friend, Paolo offered another mocktail before she even asked and left a smile on her face.

Water melon lolly pops

All in all, the brunch is one of the more pricey ones in Dubai, but it is definitely an experience worth trying.

Thank you for the great brunch to Paolo and his team,



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