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Toro Toro Dubai – a hot spot with head set assistance

Toro Toro, located in the heart of Dubai Marina, Grosvenor House, is with resect one of the best restaurants we have been to so far.

The restaurant is designed in an elegant, classic yet modern way, which has been famed by the South American Chef R. Sandoval. This hot spot offers tastes from Buenos Aires to São Paulo and features a ‘Pan Latin dining experiences paired with an infinite Cachaça Bar’, as the management describes it on the official website of Grosvenor House.

The restaurant as well as the bar, are unique in their design as well as offers. 

The service however, is another unique feature that place has to offer. We have been at Toro Toro a couple of times for drinks only, and must say, service was top at all times. This time however we went for dinner. 


We booked a table for 6 and before we started our dinner we all gathered for a welcome drink in the bar. Once all of us arrived, we ended up being a quartette only, we were accompanied to our table, which was set up for dinner. The table, was set for six and also the shape of the same, being round was meant to be for six guests not for four only.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable being seated on such a big table, we stopped one of the waiters who passed by. We asked the young man if we could relocate, as the restaurant was still not busy at that time. He looked at us, eyes wide open and seemed to be a bit confused. He told us that he had to check first and would let us know as soon as possible. 

Being left at the table without any solution, we did not know how to interpret this incident. To be fair, the restaurant was still not busy, but of course we understand that other tables were most probably reserved as well, and guests awaited.

A minute later, a young lady passed by, who over heard our conversation with the previous waiter. She apologized for the interruption, and double checked about our request. ‘You would like to have a table for four, I will immediately check that for you.’, she said, touched the head set on her left ear and within seconds she told us with a smile ‘Please follow me, I will be happy to take you to your table for four, this way through please.’ 

Well this is what we call top service. Communicating and checking on guests’ requests via head set, getting an immediate reply and a prompt solution within seconds. We did not expect this service at all, and we were WOWed. 

When we finally started with our dinner – we ordered a la carte – we were indeed surprised and delighted about the culinary talents, hiding behind the scenes. Everything was perfect, nearly everything. One main course, and this was the only one, was not up to perfection. The Sir Loin steak, was not tender, but a bit chewy.

When we again stopped a waiter, to double check where the meat was from, and if he could tell us why the steak tasted chewy and not tender, he also looked confused and had to inform us that he did not know.


However, Indika, the main person taking care of us this evening was top. Indika had a good knowledge about the food, the restaurant and a very professional way of serving us.

All in all I have to say that, Toro Toro is by far one of the best, most comfortable and stylish restaurants in Dubai.

Service, in general is great, and besides a small piece of meat which was not grilled up to perfection, the food was fantastic. 

Well, there is only one question to be answered – will we be back? 

YES, YES and YES, we will.

Two thumbs up, Toro Toro.


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