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Tony Romas – Ibn Battuta Mall

Tony Romas in Ibn Battuta Mall was not too busy yesterday, this is probably why service went fairly quick and smooth too.
Fairly only you must think now – yes well, let me share our experience!

The restaurant is located in the food court of Ibn Battuta Mall. Despite being Friday night, one thinks it will be packed, but no, in fact it was nearly empty!

Our waitress Irene, greeted us very friendly and introduced herself :”Good evening my name is Irene and I will be your host for tonight!” She handed over the menus explained us the soup of the day was creamy corn soup and left us alone to have a look at the menu.

Steaks, ribs, chicken and pasta – quite a simple menu, quite simple food – taste quite average.

Irene took our order, one Coke with ice, one mint lemonade juice, BBQ Chicken
and Chicken Roma. She nodded friendly and repeated our order. A couple of minutes later, Irene returned with complementary Nachos Chips and two Cokes with ice.
Mmmhh she must have got something wrong at some point, but this must have happened from the time when she repeated the order correctly and served the wrong drinks at our table. We made her aware of it and she humbly apologized and brought back “a fresh Mint lemonade” as she described it nicely.

So far so good, mistakes can happen, and her kind way of dealing with us helped a lot to not forget the mistake while serving but not making a big fuzz about it. Overall the rest was just fine!

We give the food 4/10 and the service 4/10 as well!

Had worse, had better!

The Good: even though there is space for improvement in terms of service, Irene our host showed the right attitude!

The Bad: the choice on the plastic menu board is quite small and the food also did not quite blow our minds away!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend,




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