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TML – The Media Lounge

Happy weekend to all of you! We hope that you managed to find a nice spot in the sun, just like we did after escaping from contact raindrops falling on our heads…
Waking up this morning in  Dubai and looking out of the window, made us stay in bed even longer today. The sky was grey, the streets wet from last night’s rain and humidity reached up to 73% this morning. A perfect Friday morning to snooze on for a couple more minutes.
Refreshed and right awake from the long snooze, we used Snapp (a social media network, freshly launched in the United Arab Emirates) to look for a new breakfast location.
We found TML- The Media Lounge, in Media City. As they served breakfast until 12:00 and offered a brunch after, we thought of trying our luck there and hit the road.
This morning however, Dubai felt like a ghost city.  The streets were empty, the sky grey and now and the only people we saw walking around, looked very miserable and upset with Dubai’s current climate.
Once we arrived at TML, we found the place empty, the waitress hiding behind the bar counter and the manager yawning in the middle of the cafe.
We were by far, the only guests around. The place itself looked super cool and stylish at the first glance but had its pitfalls looking at it in more detail. But back to that later.
The walls were decorated with social media ads (Zuckerberg on the cover page of a printed media advertising magazine), news paper rolls recycled in a unique and decorative way and the complete history of social media printed on an entire wall.
The place looked cool. The service however looked board.  Once the lady noticed that we entered the lounge, she smiled for a second but then went back to looking board and approached us in very slow steps.
The welcomed us, handed over the menus and asked if we came for breakfast or brunch.
Having a look at the brunch buffet on the other side of the cafe, we decided to order a la carte and ordered two cappuccino for the start. The menus felt greasy and were dirty, and so was the floor.
Unfortunately so was the rest of the place. Masses of dust and trash under the sofa lounges, filthy tables and hair on the salt despencer.  A shame for such a cool, unique place with so much potential to be “the place to be at” in Dubai Media City.
We decided to ignore the lacking cleanliness for a while and ordered food. TML Eggs Benedict on Salmon and toast. The food, as well as the previously ordered coffees took relatively long, when taking into consideration we were the only guests and there were 25% more staff present than customers around. Nevertheless once the food arrived we were positively surprised about the quality and great taste of the egg dishes.
The food and the chill out music playing along in the background invited us to stay for quite a while and made us relax. The cleanliness and service however,  made us feel bad for the lounge, as it looses all its uniqueness and style through careless maintenance and average qualified (and happy) staff.
We will be back for sure, as the interior in combination with the music really got into us, but we also hope that the service will be more attentive, up to speed next time and will make use of low occupancy to keep the lounge clean and maintained.
All the best to TML,
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