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The Terrace – Le Méridien Village Dubai

“Set in a piazza style terrace, Méridien Village Terrace offers themed cuisine evenings with outdoor dining. Let the Flames Band serenade you as you dine and dance the night away under the stars”… this is how the official website describes the Terrace to noisy visitors like us who go online, before they go anywhere else.


We went there last week to celebrate a special birthday, and even though we trusted the host’s choice, we wanted to know of what the restaurant had to offer that night, as the themes keep changing regularly. 

We have been at Warehouse before, but never tried the service or the food at the Terrace. Driven by online promotions, hunger, thirst and the anticipation to celebrate we hopped in a cab and went all the way towards the airport. 

Up on arrival, the driver dropped us off at the Village Entrance, not the hotel’s main entrance, we were greeted friendly and asked if we had a table reservation for any of those 4 different restaurants. Before we were able to answer, our friends waved us over already and we took a seat at the long dinner table, set in white. 


The restaurant was surrounded by more restaurants, buffet stations, artificial ponds and a lot of plants, carefully chosen to give the village a lagoon – like feeling. The theme of the night was food and drinks, in other words, up on arrival we had the choice of three different packages (non – alcoholic to premium alcoholic beverages) and the buffet, from 8 pm to 10:30 pm, mixed with a huge choice of food and a marvelous band playing along. 

We ordered the first round of drinks, had a second one and started taking over the buffet. All waiters and chefs were smiling friendly, offered help at the buffet and seemed to enjoy the busy atmosphere. Especially Julian, the friendly chef at the meat station, impressed us with his friendly smile. 


We ate and ate and ordered more drinks, and as the party went on, started to grave for some coffee, topping the delicious green tea ice cream with the after coffee taste it deserved. Until this moment the service was up to speed and very helpful. At 10:32 pm exactly however, when we followed up with our coffee order, the service demonstrated a “you are too late to order” manner and refused to serve the coffee we ordered long before the package time was over. 

After trying to explain the waiter that we had ordered long before and failed (the level of English spoken was a small barrier) we were just about to give up and order the coffee separately from the package, when another waiter came over, asked what the discussion was all about, and instantly made sure the coffee was served minutes later only.

He apologized for his colleagues behavior and went away. Another ten minutes later, the coffee was served by the gentleman who refused to serve it initially, and followed by a friendly (too friendly) tab on the shoulder. 

Astonished by the waiter’s rapid change of attitude (first he rather argues before serving the beverage, then he tabs guests on their shoulder like they were best friends), we decided to just keep nipping on our coffee cup and help ourselves with another spoon of green tea ice cream and forget about the bizarre incident.


All in all, the place is a really unique, elegant & smart casual, hype and extraordinary mix of restaurants which invite Dubai’s residents as well as guests and visitors to spend relaxing evening with friends, live music and fantastic food. 

We will be back, and make sure next time to set an alarm for the last orders, just to avoid any misunderstandings and odd scenes. 

Take care and keep exploring,


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