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The Ritz Carlton, Jumeirah Beach Road Dubai

Today, we met Charles – one of the friendliest door men we have ever come across in this region. Therefore we decided to dedicate today’s review to him. Charles works at the Ritz Carlton located on the Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai. His general role might include opening doors, welcoming guests, making sure luggage is picked up or dropped off and allocated to the right people or supervising valet parkers, but these are just points listed in his job description. Reading between the lines and seeing him and his responsibilities out of a guest’s point of view, he really is responsible for making guests feel special, appreciated and feel home away from home. Having said that, Charles is just fantastic in his job.

Charles, Ritz Carlton JRB Dubai

Up on arriving at the hotel today, our car was taken away by the valet crew and we received a ticket in return. When entering, a young, tall, smartly dressed gentleman opened the doors for us, welcomed us with a genuine and huge smile and said: “Welcome to the Ritz Carlton.” It was not what he said, it was the way he said it. One could literately feel that he was truly happy to welcome us and that he had fun in his job.

Ritz Carlton, JBR by Servicexcellence

He asked for the reason behind out visit and once we told him that we came to have a look at the outside garden area, he offered his assistance and took us down the stairs, where he informed his colleagues about our visit and handed us over to them. He then thanked us for coming to ‘his’ hotel and left.

We walked around the beautiful gardens and beach area, had a look at the venue and went back to the hotel after half an hour. When walking up the stairs again, we saw Charles who waited for us in the lobby holding three chilled water bottles in his hands. “I thought you might want some cold water after your walk outside!”, he said and passed over the bottles to us, with the same genuine smile that he had before.

Smiling people every hwhere at the Ritz Carlton, JBR Dubai

WOW! His generosity and thought of simply offering some water, was not only unexpected but actually made us feel very welcome, appreciated and we saw that Charles went the extra mile for us, making sure we had a fantastic time at the Ritz Carlton from the time we entered until we left again – and we did.

The decision to book the venue for our next event was made, and it was less because of the beautiful scenery but more because of mind blowing individuals like Charles, that we will come back on a regular basis from now on and turn into loyal guests at the Ritz Carlton, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai.

Thank you Charles.

Keep exploring,


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