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THE One Café

What was your recent breakfast experience like? We spent one of our mornings at the stunning THE One outlets in Jumeirah and had a wonderful breakfast experience.

Being located in one of the most popular interior design stores, we do not have to mention that the ambience, décor and style of the place were amazing. The concept a store – café really works, well it worked for us.

We had a look through the store and were looking for some new decorative items at home, until our stomachs started revolting and wanted to be fed. We took a seat in the café located on the first floor or the store and waited to be greeted. Adam, a young and friendly gentleman welcomed us, wished us a great morning and handed over the menu cards.

It did not take long for us to make up our minds about what to have. We ordered Lavender infused tea, a beetroot juice and two potions of Eggs Benedict along with Sweet Corn Fritters – delicious!

Adam, who took great care of us at all times, took up our order, thanked us and left to communicate our wishes with the Chefs.

We had a couple of minutes to observe others in the store and overlooked a conversation between a family looking for a sofa and a staff member. They joked around, the lady offered them to take a seat on all their sofas to ‘get a feeling’ for their products and made sure that the entire family, from the mom to the kids, were happy and looked after at all times.

Other colleagues joined the family and complimented them on their potential choice. It was a bunch of sincere compliments – not the ‘we want to sell more’ type of interaction. One could actually feel that all the staff members were honest and happy about their job.

Does it still surprise you that THE One has been voted as the ‘Best Employer’ in the Middle East for so many years in a row? It is just great to see that companies know how important it is to look after their staff – as at the end of the day – they are the ones looking after the customers!

The food and the rest of our breakfast? Oh, it was great! The eggs were delicious, the drinks boosted us with energy and the Fritters – well we try to make them at home ourselves some day – they were great!

We want to thank the entire store and all staff members for such a great experience – you made our day, and this is and always will be super important, especially when you start the day with a breakfast outside!


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