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The Noodle Box – Yas Hotel Abu Dhabi

The name Noodle Box is the only thing about the restaurant in Yas Hotel which contains box. It seemed to us that the staffs’ credo in terms of service and hospitality is: think outside the box.

We arrived around 8pm last night, just about time to watch the private racing cars going in endless circles, from the terrace of Yas Hotel’s, now Viceroy, Noodle Box.

We were greeted with a smile by the young and pretty Indian hostess, who offered us a seay outside and pored water for us while waiting for the menus.

Mr Shannon, the Assistant Manager of the restaurant welcomed us with a smile and a glass of sparkling wine.

He found out that our guests had not tried the Japanese cuisine before and told us not to have a look into the menu, as he would surprise us tonight.

Shannon and the Japanese Chef prepared a five course degustation menu for the four of us which included, miso soup, assorted tempura, sushi and sashimi as well as sticky fried rice with spicy tuna tartar and Monchi ice cream.

The food as well as the service was spotless. Now and then Mr Shannon would come and check on us, he introduced each course himself and looked after us very well. The entire team seemed to be well trained in terms of the sequence of service and how to deal with guests with utmost respect while showing concern – service from the heart. Something very rare to find across the Middle East and Europe nowadays.

The whole tasting took about 4 hours, which was a bit long in the end and the constant sound of racing cars got a little irritating after a while. Mr Shannon told me, that sometimes the noise makes it hard to understand guests but he found his ways of dealing with that, he said while leaning down trying to talk into my ear. It must be hard to work at the terrace day by day, with all the smell of fuel and the noise, however the
entire service team looked very happy and proud to work at this stunning venue.

There is nothing much to add besides that the Monchi Green Tea ice is a must for everyone who likes Japanese cuisine and that Mr Shannon and his team represent true and outstanding hospitality!

Well done and see you soon, latest for F1,




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