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Oct 29 2016

The Nail Pavilion JLT

This one goes to all the ladies out there! Finding the right spa can be difficult right? Either it is too far away, or you have one right around the corner and the value received does not match the money paid for the services. Living and working in Dubai for the past 6 years, we had the pleasure of visiting many spas and ladies salons around the town and automatically started comparing one with the other based on various dimensions such as: cleanliness, service, varieties of offers, overall look and feel, attention to detail, effectiveness of services and more…

Did you know that in Jumeirah Lakes Towers only, there are about 37+ spas and salons? Every cluster has one or two. The surplus of offers does make it easy for people to choose, however, makes the life of a (spa) business owner really hard when seeing 3 spas around yours growing, opening or closing down on a weekly basis.

The Emirates, and especially Dubai are built based on a service culture. The level of dining, entertainment, shopping and wellness offers are immense and easily comparable to cities such as New York and Singapore. To us, this is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Why? Because the surplus of establishments has a direct effect on the level of service offered – in a positive way? No, unfortunately not.

One would assume that service providers would be eager to set themselves apart from competition, to out strive others and to offer the best level of service ever. The opposite, however, is the case, when focusing on stand-alone spas and ladies salons.

Each establishment has their loyal customer base, due to the fact that the areas around salons are so dense and residents like us became lazy over the years. Driving for more than 10 minutes to get your nails done, turned into an effort and a no-go when one has the choice of walking for a few meters and settling down for less. Spas and stand-alone salons made this a vital part of their sales strategy, and this explains why there are so many of them within one community (not only in JLT).


Let me come back to where I started this review: the great and the mediocre salons. We used to go to the same spa for many years (due to above-mentioned convenience)  which (only) met our expectations for many years. We felt that it was time to try out something new and increased our radius for a few hundred meters only, to find The Nail Pavilion.

The experiences we had with this establishment over the last couple of weeks were incredible. Making an appointment from the very first interaction was easy and convenient (only had to share the number and name once; not having to repeat me, three times was a blessing), a number of services and treatments were great and: the receptionist Debra, the male hairdresser from Macedonia and all spa therapists were friendly, spoke fluent English, were genuine and left a great impression right from the start.


The spa was clean, the coffee offered during treatments actually tasted like coffee and not like colored water, and the free wifi the spa offers to its guests actually works perfectly fine. What a refreshing experience after so many years of receiving average service.


We received a 50% discount on our first visit and were offered to “snapp” our bill (the Snapp Card is a customer loyalty app, used in a few selected places around town). We were delighted and felt so relaxed that we decided to go back again and again. Why? Because the service exceeded our expectations, the attention to detail is incredible, the spa therapists are friendly as mentioned, and the spa’s credo matches with what we stand for and believe in at Servicexcellence – Business Consulting and Development:


The great news, however, The Nail Pavilion will now open a branch in our building – which does not only make life so much easier, it also makes our (secret) wishes come true!

Thank you for the amazing treatments, SE

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