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The Grand Grill, Habtoor Grand Dubai

Good day to all of you, we hope you had a great weekend so far.

Have you been to one of the may outlets in the Habtoor before? One can find anything in this newly refurbished resort towards the Marina in Dubai. There is a sports bar, two clubs and many different restaurants to choose from. One of them is the Grand Grill, located on the lobby level of the hotel. We initially made a reservation a week prior to our visit and therefore had no difficulties to find a nice place on a Thursday evening.


The purpose of our visit was a company dinner, and we found White Grill to be a great, unique location for such an event. The welcome was friendly and we felt that we found a great location for a great evening ahead.

Initially taking a seat on of the round tables we felt a bit uncomfortable – the table was too big for us to have a proper conversation, we felt like we had to shout at each other. We then relocated to another table where we sat opposite each other.


Our waiter, Bike, a young, friendly and ambitious gentlemen took great care of us. He introduced himself, followed by a wide recommendation of beverages and menu items, offered us water to start with and left with a smile.

SMILE is written in capital letters here – as all of the staff seemed to be happy, energized and glad about serving their guests. We felt great during the entire stay.


The food, especially the starters such as prawns, watermelon salad with goat cheese and the mains such as steak and fish were great. The meat options on the menu were plenty – for a vegetarian however, who joined a couple of meat lovers, it was hard to find anything appealing on the menu which was a shame. We really hoped for more than 2 options only (Zamosa and an Indian dish only).

What ever we ordered however tasted great, and was accompanied by staff who was friendly, caring and made us feel very comfortable. So comfortable that we decided to order another bottle of read wine and spend the rest of the evening outside on the terrace.


We enjoyed our stay and wanted to thank the team, especially Bike for the great experience we had at Grand Grill.

We will be back, that is for sure. Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks, keep in touch.


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