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The Cavendish, Bonnington Hotel JLT, Dubai – the ultimate fine dining experience

Last night on Friday, the 25th of January The Cavendish, located at the Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes Towers Hotel hosted the Burns Supper.

The Burns Supper,is a celebration of the life and poetry of Robert Burns, a Scottish author of many poems and literature.

Burns suppers can be formal or informal, depending if you choose to celebrate the occasion at home with the family or go for dinner at a restaurant which serves the traditional Haggis.

Haggis is a Scottish dish, which is a savoury pudding containing sheep’s pluck, minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices and is mixed with stock and traditionally encased in the animal’s stomach.

Served with Neeps and Tattis, which are roots and sweet potatoes, the Haggis last night served at the Cavendish tasted just as mouthwatering as it looked. But more to this later on.


The Cavendish itself is the all day dining outlet of the Bonnington Hotel, which transfers itself into a fine dining restaurant in the evening.

Decorated with beautiful modern yet classic furniture, held in red and grey tones, the overall atmosphere of the restaurant is luxurious and elegant.



Lat night however, the Cavendish went back in history and transformed itself into a impressive host of Scottish poetry.

The friendly hostess Rubby, welcomed us at the entrance of the restaurant, escorting us to the communal table which has been set up for those guests who came to celebrate and dine in the honour of Robert Burns.

Decorated with silver paper rolls, displaying the night’s set menu, guests were able to read a head what the Chefs prepared for the evening.

Cavendish Restaurant Bonnington JLT

We were offered a chilled Whiskey Ginger Ale mix as a welcome drink which tasted refreshing yet  a bit sweet.

For those guests who were not particularly fans of Whisky, the welcome drink was a glass of sparkling wine.

The actual evening however started with two Scottish gentlemen, dressed up traditionally wearing Skillts who held the Robert Burns’ speech and cut the Haggis in front of all guests.


“And dish them out their bill o’ fare,
Auld Scotland wants nae skinkin ware
That jaups in luggies;
But, if ye wish her gratefu’ prayer,
Gie her a haggis!”

Robert Burns


Traditional Scottish music played along in the back ground all evening long.

A beautiful chicken liver pate with grape marmalade and red onions on toasted brioche was served as amuse bouche. The pate was creamy and smooth and the sweet marmalade matched perfectly.

Chicken Liver Pate


Followed by black pudding and bacon salad with roasted walnuts and cabernet sauvignon vinaigrette, the starter left an enormous impression of the Chef’s talent.

The starter was served with a glass of Glen Elgin from Speyside, Scotland. The 12 years of Whisky proofed itself as a well chosen first match of the entire Whisky flight, however,

as not being a great fan of Whisky, we were offered Vodka instead.

We appreciated the attentive service during the entire evening, as there was always a nice alternative for those who preferred wines to Whisky.

Black pudding and bacon salad with roasted walnuts and cabernet sauvignon vinaigrette



As mentioned earlier, the famous Haggis was served next. The traditional main course was prepared to perfection, with carefully selected spices

and Neeps and Tattis on the side – the obligatory cream of sweet potatoes and baby carrots.

Syrah, Stonehedge 2007 vintage from California was served for the wine lovers among us, and a glass of Coal Ila, 12 years of age from Islay, Scotland for those who fancied a nice glass of Whiskey.

Roasted haggis with neeps and tattis on pan juices




The Food & Beverage Manager Mr. Bernd, as well as his colleagues Mohamed and Keshiap, took great care of us during the entire evening, presenting the dishes and wines to us in a very humble and professional way,

giving a shot presentation of what was served next.

As pre – dessert, a small scoop of Mandarin Ice Cream on Whisky milk mousse, neutralised the taste of the hearty Haggis and tasted refreshing and sweet at the same time.

In between the ice cream and the milk mousse there was a layer of popping candy, the one which starts “exploding” in your mouth gently.

It brought back sweet childhood memories, were we used to take a mouth full and had fun, making funny noises, letting the same explode inside our mouth.

A very creative and unexpected way to prepare a dessert.

Mandarin ice cream with whisky milk mousse


Raspberry Cranachan Trifle, was the last course served on this evening.

The dessert was very rich as it had a lot of whipped cream, but the sour raspberries took of the sweetness a bit, and the Glenkinchie served a long

again, was a good choice perfectly matching the dessert.

Rapberry cranachan trifle

The 12 years old Whisky from Lowland Scotland, was the only Whiskey I dared to taste myself. As said, not being a fan of Whisky, the  digestive Mohamed offered me Grappa or Vodka.

Mohamed must have remembered I was not a big fan of Whisky.

A nice touch when it comes to guest service and memorising and recognizing your guest’s preferences.

We decided for a chilled glass of Vodka and enjoyed traditional Scottish Tablet and chocolate as after dinner nibbles.


Not only the presentation of the dishes served, but also the taste of every single one of them, were besides the the beautiful selected beverages and speech of Robert Burns, the highlights of the event.

However, the service, and this is what Servicexcellence focuses on in every review, was outstanding.

From the hostess to the waiters and supervisors, the entire team seemed to enjoy what they were doing and

all of them has a very professional and friendly personality.

Service with a smile and focusing on the guest’s needs and preferences must be the credo of the entire team.


It was a lovely evening and we enjoyed our first Burns Supper hosted at The Cavendish very much.


The Good: Well, as said, the food was amazing, the beverages carefully selected and the service friendly, smooth and professional.

The Bad: We felt bad neglecting to take part in the Whisky flight, and might have missed out on the ultimate experience.

However the choice of red wines was great too and overall matched all dishes smoothly.



We can only recommend The Cavendish, and we will definitely be back for one of their monthly Wine – Degustation Dinners sooner or later.

The Cavendish a must for everyone who looks for a fine dining experience in the heart of Jumeirah Lakes Towers.


Happy belated Burns Night to all of you!




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