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That’s Amore, Jumeirah Lakes Towers

Good evening to all of you, it is time to share another experience we had in one of the stand alone restaurants, located in Jumeirah Lakes Tower with you.


Have you heard of That’s Amore? It is a very small, but nicely designed and decorated Italian pizza place, among so many others in this area. Because of it’s decor and because they provide an outdoor seating area we though to give it a try. 


As nearly all the tables were empty we seated ourselves outdoor and waited for the waitress to come, who greeted us from far once we sat down. We waited and waited, but no one came, until we pressed the bell on the table.


Considering the size of the restaurant (approximately 25 people would fit at one time), we did not think ringing the bell was necessary, but it turned out to be the only way to place an order.

Once the bell rang, a young lady, the same who greeted us from far, approached us with menu cards and a big smile. Her smile did make up for the first impression we got but did not last for long. She welcomed us, handed over the menu cards and asked if we wanted to order drinks already. We ordered two cokes, and immediately placed our pizza and panini order.


While waiting for the food, we observed another couple who waited for their food and discussed whether or not to ring the bell as well. They decided not to do so and continued to wait. It took fifteen minutes for the Quatro Statione and chicken panini to arrive, and another minute for the drinks to come.


The pizza and panini were freshly made, and we did not mind at all to wait for the same to arrive. The drinks however should have really been served earlier and the overall service could have been more attentive and faster. 

The actual food however exceeded our expectations. The pizza tasted fresh, the dough was crisp and the panini was just delicious.


We believe that That’s Amore, is a real life example of how important it is not only to serve good food but also offer good service at the same time, in order to leave a good impression with guests. If it was for the food only, we would come back for an afternoon snack one day, but if it was for the service, we would rather spend our time somewhere else.

We wish that That’s Amore, would just put as much effort in the service and attitude of serving guests as they did in their unique and carefully chosen design and their freshly prepared meals.

Keep exploring,



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