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Tandoori – hidden treasure in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai

Good afternoon to all of you.

We have discovered a new hidden treasure in the heart of Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai. 

Tandoori, an authentic Northern Indian, family run restaurant. The owner and manager is Ms. Smitha, a very humble and charming lady. Smitha’s origin is India, and therefore offering authentic Indian cuisine is one of her top priorities. We were invited by Zomato to try out her specialties and give it a shot.   



The restaurant, from outside is not as glamours as it is from inside – a hidden treasure as stated earlier. 

Up on entering the restaurant, we discovered the place to be very quiet and unfortunately empty. Only three tables were occupied. We did not have difficulties finding the right spot, took a seat and immediately discovered the beautiful design of the diner.


Obviously the place is not as glamorous as other restaurants one can find in Dubai, however the small, little details on the chairs, as well as the simple but classic way of how the table was laid out, was outstanding and pure Indian. 


However, lets talk about our actual experience at Tandoori. Our waiter for the night was Mr. Deloveer. His English was fluent and the way he welcomed us to the restaurant very pleasant. He took our drinks order, even offered Lassie and handed over the double sided A4 menu board. Instead of Lassie we ordered Coke and Lime Juice. Coke was available, Lime Juice was not, however Deloveer offered to go next door to the other shop and get some juice from there. WOW. What a nice touch. We were very impressed, as we did not expect that. 

When it came to the food, we ordered and ordered and could not stop, as we wanted to try it all. Deloveer, asked us if we expected someone else to join, or if it was only the two of us, as obviously we went over the top with our tasting.

Papadam bread, buttered Naan, grilled Tandoori chicken, butter chicken and Briyani with Lamb. 



As expected the food was delicious. While we were enjoying the specialties, Deloveer passed by to ask about our well being. We thanked him for the great service and food and asked him to send our compliments to the Chef. At the same time, we saw that the Chef from Northern India, who glanced out of the kitchen to check on us. Two thumbs up for him, well done. 

But enough about the food. The service is what we rate and the service was unexpected, humble and impressive for such as small restaurant. When we asked for the bill, we were surprised again. The amount of food and drinks we ordered would have been enough for four of us, and even though we enjoyed such a feast, the total amount was below a hundred dirhams. 

Smitha passed by to ask if we had a good evening, and all we said was: ‘Yes, absolutely fantastic. It was great and the food was delicious. Thank you.’ 

Furthermore, we were informed that Tandoori also offers a delivery service and were handed over a copy of their menu. What a delight. 

Overall, the experience was outstanding, as we did not expect such a humble and caring service. 

We wish Smitha and her team all the best for the future and will keep in touch, latest when ordering in dinner again.

Thank you.









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