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Taking off is not what it used to be…

SEB live from Dubai International Airport!
No worries, this time we will not rate Emirates Airline Service – at least not now! However, thinking about my self check – in experience earlier this morning, I was wondering how much service remained in the service industry, when talking about flights, check – ins and boardings?

Dubai International Airport, T3, 08:00 am! And there we are trying to check in at one if this super high-tech machines, where you scan your passport and they know your show or bra size! Scary! But not as scary as the male ground staff, watching us lifting a 20kg suitcase up, and apart from a small grin on his face, did not show any reaction or intention to help what so ever!
I asked him for help, he looks at me like I spoke Chinese and just smiled. So here my question? – where are these days when flying was luxury? When you paid for a service and received the same? Nowadays airports are over packed with people hunting one destination after the other! It feels like mass production, cattle!
Well, there is not much of service left, when you check in your own bag, stick your own baggage tag and you are only greeted by an electronic voice who recognizes your bra size by the bar code in your passport number! Or am I wrong, and nowadays service is exactly that? People are in a rush, do not want to talk to anyone, be processed fast …?

We are about to go boarding and for the next couple of hours we will try to answer those questions!

Take care and Merry Christmas,






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