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Tagine at One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai – Iftar in pure elegance

Iftar at the wonderful Tagine, One & Only Royal Mirage with a special company for a special occasion.

It was time for another fabulous Iftar venue after a couple of days of home cooking and several deliveries. We decided to head down to the famous Royal Mirage once again. The resort is known for it’s luxurious and unique restaurants, interior and great service. As we have not been at Tagine before and read their advertisement in this week’s TimeOut Dubai, we booked a table for four.

Up on arrival, several gentlemen greeted us at the car park outside and asked if we needed a ride on their golf buggy to the restaurant. However as it was only a few meters away we declined. The entrance of Tagine was beautiful decorated and all held very Moroccan style and authentic.


A low seating area filled with pillows and surrounded by millions of candles already gave a first impression about the style of Tagine – authentic Moroccan. It was amazing. Every little corner of the restaurant was decorated with beautiful Arabic style features, candles, dimmed lights, rose paddles.


The restaurant itself, was held in a mix of dimmed lights, candles and a beautiful scent of Arabic nature, was laid out for approximately 80 people, several 2 – 4 seating tables and round séparées on the sides.


Up on arrival we were greeted by the hostess and the restaurant manager, who accompanied us to the table. As we waited for our friends, an expatriate couple of Irish origin, we helped ourselves at the juice bar to break the fast.


While sitting and waiting, observing and taking pictures to capture the moment for you, our followers, we were approached by Mr. Idriss, offering us soup. We informed him that we wanted to wait a while, and asked him to return later again.

While waiting for our friends we observed the happening around us. All of a sudden we were surrounded by guests and more guests. Those who queued around the buffet.

Tagine offers a special menu for Iftar, a soup served on the table, starters to be taken off the buffet, mains served again, and desserts optional to be taken off the buffet again. As most of the guests must have arrived at the same time, had their soup at the same time, they obviously also wanted their starters at the same time. The buffet however, was laid out in such a way, that only a few people could help themselves at once. This created a major line of approximately 25 – 30 guests waiting, and standing behind us, looking over our shoulders while we still sipped on our juices.

Once our friends arrived, one of them a famous Executive Chef Mr. D.F, who lived and worked in Dubai for many years, Mr. Idriss passed by again to offer us the soup.


The soup was okay, however needed a bit of salt. We headed off to the starters buffet, once the crowed faded  as they all took a seat again and we  found a great variety of salads and traditional cold Mezzeh.




Once we finished our starters, the hostess and one colleague passed by to clear our table and informed us that the main will be served soon.


The main course consisted out of four different types of Tagines: chicken, lamb, seafood and one with vegetables and couscous. We were expecting a lot, as we already had a look at the menu card which was placed on our tables before arrival.


It was also the first time, Servicexcellence was accompanied by one of Dubai’s most well-known Chefs, and we were curious about his opinion too.

The four Tagines were served at the same time, the lid taken off and Mr. Idriss wished us a good meal. Well, it was a bit less than we expected, and to quote the Chef’s opinion:”We would have expected a little more to be honest. The salads were average and the mains could have been fresher, at the end of the day, nothing special, but the restaurant’s ambiance is great.”


We could only agree with him. The food, was not blowing away our minds however the restaurant itself and the fantastic humble and professional service were.

As soon as we finished our mains, we did not eat it all up, and went to have a closer look at the desserts, our table was cleaned again and four glasses of Moroccan tea were placed on the same.




Again, two thumbs up for the attention to detail. Refreshing the table while guests are at the buffet not to disturb them, and leave a little surprise for them to enjoy once back, superb. All four tea glasses came in different colors, amazing and great details with a lot of thoughts given to them. Whoever designed and decorated Tagine, really has a unique taste. Well done.

Being a great fan of Moroccan tea, I asked Mr. Idriss to refill my glass, and took a short video clip of him, you can see the video on Twitter @SofiePickhard. He was very polite, humble and one could tell that he enjoys his job and taking good care of his guests.

Overall, the experience was a mixture of elegance, ambiance, and great service.

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