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Sushi Art, DIFC

Good day, Sushi anyone! We hope you had a fantastic week and we wish you the usual motivation and success for the next days too!

We has such a great start into the week and wanted to use this post to remind all of you, to keep trying out new places, new food and new venues from time to time. In today’s World and pace we forget how important and uplifting variety could be. All of us fall in the same trap, and this is why we share our latest experience with you – to make you hungry for change and variety!

Regardless of where your office is, when was the last time you actually took a lunch break, on your own or with your team? When was the last time you actually made the effort of changing the location and choosing a healthy lunch over the usual sandwich?

It is so easy, and so refreshing once you break old habits. The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is right place to go to when looking for energy and change. It is not only one of the biggest and most prestigious business hubs in the city, it also hosts endless possibilities to dine at.

We recently had the chance to lunch at Sushi Art, located on the ground level of DIFC. Sushi Art, really deservers it’s name. The food is great, the service quick and the value for money is just fantastic.

We arrived at around 1:30 pm and found a seat immediately. Jason, the friendly waiter welcomed us, offered us the menus and introduced the lunch offer to us. ”Choose one of our Maki lunch boxes, with a Miso soup or Edamame for only 59 AED”, he said and smiled. We could not believe what we heard. 18 pieces of freshly prepared Maki, a soup or beans for that little amount of money? Wow.

Hungry and excited about the offer, we choose two different lunch boxes, and both ordered the Miso soup and the Edamame on top.

We also ordered coke, a bottle of sparking water and some lemon juice on the side. The lemon juice was super fresh; fresh in the sense that we were served half a lemon and squeezed it ourselves. What an amusing way to serve lemon juice we though, laughed and enjoyed the chilled water.

The Maki, soups and beans arrived within minutes. They were fresh and tasted fantastic. Jason passed by a couple of times to check on us. He took pride in his job and role which included looking after his customers. It was a great atmosphere. The combination of lunching at a buzzing business hub, the delicious meal and the attentive service made us feel happy, satisfied and energized.

We can only recommend everyone to actually treat yourself, and the team with a lunch outside from time to time. It is a great way to build a strong team and connect over a bunch of positive vibes and memories!

Enjoy the week,


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