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Subway – delivery sometimes can lead to accidents aparently

The downsides of writing about hospitality institutes is that the experience can be bad sometimes! The interior of a restaurant could be cheap or make you feel uncomfortable, or the service can be disappointing!
Then it all comes down to the food!
Well, if you order food to your house, the environment/ restaurant atmosphere can be taken off the list. When it comes to service it starts with the person on the phone taking the right order to the one delivering the food to your door step within the mentioned time!
If all of that is up to one’s satisfaction, then the quality and taste is what matters.

Tonight everything up to this point was just fine, when we ordered from Subway! The lady on the phone had a good understanding of English and took the right order. The delivery man was smiling friendly, greeting nicely and gave back the right amount of change.
The first couple if bites were just fine, but then all of a sudden something felt wrong! Long story short, a piece of plastic was in the sandwich and got stuck in my throught! Horrible feeling, and a really bad experience!!!

After relaxing for a couple of minutes, we called up the same Subway branch again to complain. We told them what happened and the answer was worse than the plastic sandwich: “I’m sorry Mam, but maybe it fell off the cloths. Hope you are feeling better soon. Good bye!” Peep peep peep and the connection was cut!

Just about to lose it all, the door bell rang again! The same delivery guy showed up, apologized and explained to me that it could have been a piece of plastic fallen off, but he thinks it was the actual suppliers fault!
Just when I thought actually quite nice of him to come back, he blamed it all on someone else!

Over all, well what can I say?

The Good: food was delivered within the mentioned time range.

The Bad: we have nothing more to say, as the picture says it all!



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