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Skinny Mexican by Freedom Pizza

Good afternoon to all of you, we hope you are doing more than just well. Ordered an office lunch or dinner recently? We did and just had to share this tasty dish with you, virtually. It is not a secret that we love the products created by Freedom Pizza; it is, however, the first time that we ever ordered a salad instead of a pizza – and it was the right choice.


They recently created a new, spicy and fresh version of a Mexican Burrito without the bun, I would day – the healthy version of Latin America food: the Skinny Mexican. The Skinny Mexican is a salad prepared with: quinoa, sweet corn, pepper, coriander, chicken, Cheddar cheese and dried Tortilla chips. The salad’s dressing is a secret, spicy tomato-based Mexican sauce and balances out the flavors with the peppers and the sweet corn.

We ordered in a portion to share and found out that the salad was so delicious that we actually thought of calling them back for a second portion. We did not; instead, we ordered in another portion, together with some of their tender chicken bites for dinner tonight.


It does not happen very often that foodies like us order the same food in two days in a row, but this salad brings our lunch and dinner experience to a next level. No jokes, just try it for yourself.

Happy Wednesday, SE

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