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Shakespeare – Souk Al Bahar

Shakespeare Restaurant in Souk Al Bahar could be such a nice place to have dinner and shisha, if the service was just fine! But unfortunately its not. Not at all!

On a Sunday evening we had to wait for 30 minutes to be seated.
After making someone aware of our presence and that we were actually waiting for a table! The waiters were very rude and the manager not capable of taking ownership, as he just looked around. Once finally somebody noticed us and asked how many of us were waiting and need a table, the manager just interrupted our conversation to passed on information to his staff! Of course he did not apologize for the interruption nor greeted us, he just walked off!

Finally seated, we asked for the menu 3 times, with the same old answer: Yes, just a moment please – or three, in our case.
We finally got our shisha and two sandwiches. The prawn avocado sandwich was not good at all. Avocados hard as stone and the prawns tasted off too! The fries were OK, but obviously defrosted and deep fried!
The mint tea I asked for never arrived, even though the waiter asked if I wanted sugar with it or not! Why bother if you then forget?
Service overall very poor, I have ti mention again!
No sense of duty, no hospitality, no smile or pleasure at work – so it seemed for all of them- managers and waiters!

Only after I added my business card to the bill we had asked for twice, the waiter was smiling and told his manager who I was – well too late I guess – at least for tonight, SEB was not impressed at all!

The Good: the French fries were just fine- but obviously not difficult when just thrown in a deep frier!

The Bad: service was beyond disappointing!

We will, one day, give it another try and see if it was just a bad day for Shakespeare or general their standard is not to offer service at all!

A bientot,





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