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Shades – The Address Marina, Dubai

Shades, the pool bar at The Address Marina Dubai, was Servicexcellence’s location for a after work pre- cinema drink. At around 18:30 tonight, the pool bar was not busy but nothing like empty too. Some guests were still dressed in their bikinis and swim shorts, others in blue jeans and some joined the pool bar for dinner in their ‘small black’ (evening dress) as us ladies call it. Considering the temperature and humidity in May, it was still bearable to sit outside. 
Due to the hight, the bar is located on the 4th floor of the building, one could even feel a light breeze arising between the skyscrapers. 
We were greeted friendly by Fernando, the bar manager, who accompanied us to a table in the lounge sitting area. We shared the obligatory small talk and ordered two Perioni. After 3 minutes our drinks were served by another waiter, who asked if we preferred to enjoy the beer from the bottle or wanted a glass. 
Bottle for the gentleman, glass for the lady of course. The glass was pre-chilled to keep the beer cold. A very nice touch. Some time later, another waitress approached us and offered assorted bar nibbles such as vegetable spring rolls with sweet chili dip, Kibbe, breaded mushrooms and chicken. 
The atmosphere was so relaxing and nice that we ordered another round. As no one came to tale our order we caught the attention of one waiter, pointed on the beer, showed two using sign language and he answered from far with a quick, ok, thumbs up. 
Well, if you are too far away to take an order, at least you need to be aware of sign language. Again drinks were served within minutes. We enjoyed half of our beer and left for the movie. 
Overall the experience was very pleasant, nice, relaxing and welcoming. We will be back for dinner, Shisha and some cocktails, relaxing on one of their cozy sun beds one day. 
What can I say, I am an Address fan, if you remember my last review about this hotel. The property is stunning and the service is just great. 
Thank you,

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