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Apr 10 2016

Safety First – Freedom Pizza, UAE

Hello to all of you! We hope that you are well and that your weekend is marvelous! Our weekend was filled with beach clubs, a few emails, laughter and food tastings! This time, we had the pleasure of trying out Freedom Pizza’s latest edition to the menu – Saatchi.

We made our order and had been promised to receive our door by 1pm last Friday. It was 12:59 pm when the doorbell rang and Mr.Deder stood in front of our door.
Those of you who not only follow the blog, however, also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter would have seen Freedom Pizza’s latest corporate video – Safety First!

Road Safety - Freedom Pizza Servicexcellence

The video introduces the amazing, sensitive and pressures idea of adding pictures of the delivery boys’ loved ones on their helmet – a visual reminder to drive safe and to know that their job is much more than delivering food from door to door. Their job provides for their families, drives the success of the company they represent and makes the customer happy – Chapeau, to all of them!

As said, Freedom Pizza’s management interviewed all drivers, asked them who the most important person to them was and customized 125 helmets for all of their 125 drivers! See it for yourself:

What an amazing initiative – what an amazing product and what a stunning pizza!

As said, it was a minute to 1pm when we opened up the carton and finally had the chance to try the food. The look was appealing and the smell gorgeous; the dough was perfectly crisp and soft at the same time and fit together perfectly with the ingredients!

The Saatchi is a combination of onion, Buffalo red sauce, Mozzarella, Cheddar cheese, white cheese, Buffalo chicken (a type of marination) and Pimenta chili. It was delicious and we will order it again.


The entire experience (actually always) was great – from placing the order to sitting down and writing up this review for all of you.

Have a look at their video, enjoy the food and have a superb start into the week!
Safety first, SE

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