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Ro’Ya – Servicexcellence get’s into “Business”

After one decade in the hospitality industry and two years of extensive market analysis and read each through Servicexcellenceblog, the founder of Servicexcellence has now decided to get into business.


The idea behind Servicexcellence – Service Consultancy & Development is to act a platform between international market leaders and small medium hospitality providers in the UAE.  Following His Highness Sheik Ahmed’ s idea of “getting back to the basics”, Servicexcellence customized development solutions support local business not only to grow and remain profitable but also to evolve and achieve excellence as per the Seven Star Rating of the country launched in 2014. 

Servicexcellence’s USP and greatest asset besides customized consultancy, assessment and development solutions however is SMILE. SMILE is a unique service culture that fits to any size of business and leads organizations to success, focusing on their strongest resource, their people. The service culture results out of 5 principles which can be implemented and applied in any size and type of business.


A crowd of more than 8,000 followers and the initiative launched by the Dubai Business Women Council gave Servicexcellence the confidence to finally realize the business idea introduced earlier. Ro’Ya (meaning ‘Vision’ in Arabic) is a program that has been introduced jointly by the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) and MasterCard to drive entrepreneurship among women in the United Arab Emirates. 

The initiative is focused on providing support, guidance and mentor ship to aspiring women entrepreneurs to help them establish their desired enterprises and contribute to the development of the country’s economy.


Please support us and stay loyal, we would have never come so far without YOU, our followers. 

Keep exploring, SE

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