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Rogos, Abu Dhabi

Everyone enjoys a little entertainment from time to time, are we right? If you do, and in case you are looking for another type of dining experience take you family out on a road trip and visit Rogos at the newly opened Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi.

On one of our occasional business trips we decided to pull over our car and give it a try. It was worth the stop over, that’s for sure. Rogos is located on the first floor of the mall, and easily discovered by the long queue of people waiting for a table. No, this is not because the staff being slow in their service, this is because everyone wants to order food using a tablet being served by a roller coaster.


Despite the fact that for a restaurant like that, the need for service staff is overrated, the service received at Rogos was absolutely amazing. We were greeted and welcomed with a friendly smile by one of the two, young hostesses at the entrance. They noted down our names and invited us to one of the sharing – style tables, wishing us a great time.


The warm welcome was complimented by the loud music buzzing out the loudspeakers located all over the place and the energized waiters dancing and singing around. Waiters you might wonder? For a restaurant were you order your food with a tablet and have an electronic system serving your food, the service played just as an important role than the unique decor of the place did. They enhanced the overall experience with their friendly and energized attitude. Waiters walked around assisting guests with their orders, suggested meals and cracked a joke now and then. Our experience at Rogos was simply fantastic.


And the food? A bit overpriced and overrated as we paid a little over 200 AED for two sandwiches and fries accompanied by two soft drinks. However, at Rogos you pay for the experience and the entertainment – the food becomes a secondary advantage.


Definitively a ‘must see, and must go to’ restaurant. Would we go there again? In case we have family and friends over for a visit we would invite them for a roller coaster meal after the occasional trip to the Mosque and Souk. We doubt however, that Rogos will be one of our regular dining – out places in the United Arab Emirates in future.

Try it out yourself, it is worth it.


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