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Roberto´s – Little Italy in Dubai, DIFC

 Buongiorno to all of you!

As you can tell, we are still in Italy at the back of our mind, as last night´s dinner, felt like a short vacation to Italy, at least Italian cuisine. 

Roberto´s located in the heart of Dubai´s International Financial Center, is Dubai´s answer to Pizza and Pasta. The Italian fine dining restaurant is a mix of authentic cuisine “…and modern, contemporary design, presenting a cosmopolitan flair…

Roberto’s houses three refreshing concepts under one roof: the elegant main dining room, Il Ristorante, the buzzing lounge, Il Salotto, and an open air terrace, La Terrazza. Combined, these three areas create a unique sense of belonging appropriate for all occasions, and is a MUST SEE for tourists and a MUST BE for all of us living in Dubai. 

The food is great the service is up to expectations, but before you can enjoy the little trip to Italy, you need to book, and book in advance. Even on a Monday night, the place is packed. The lounge fills up around 19:00 for pre – dinner drinks and stays crowded until 02:00 am, for those who decided to go for after dinner drinks too. Il Restorante, starts filling up between 21:00 and 22:30, as just as in other in-dining locations, it is chic nowadays to rock up late for dinner. 

We booked a table in advance and even though we had an additional last minute guest joining us, Roberto´s team accommodated us, without any issue. The tables were rearranged and set within minutes, meanwhile we were asked to wait in the lounge and order a drink. We waited patiently but left out the drinks. A table for seven of us was ready within minutes as said, and located underneath the artificial tree in the middle of the restaurant, nicely decorated, in white, beige and orange colors. Menus were handed over to us, and for one moment about five waiters, stood around the table, waiting for us to glance in the menu. For a moment it felt like being observed by them, instead of us observing service. While looking in the menu and discussing the latest news happening around Dubai, one of the waiters suddenly rocked up and started: “Ok, so tonight everything is available. The fish of the day is… ” I was shocked for a moment. It was not what he said, however it was the way he said it. The waiter was obviously well prepared to what the dish of day was, and what he would recommend if we asked, however he rather shouted it out, like on a market place, than informing us nicely and humble. Also, if everything was available anyways, why stressing on it? It could give some guests the impression that on other days, not everything mentioned on the menu was ready to taste.


The waiter handed over the wine menu, pored some more water in our glasses and waited for our orders. Asparagus salad with grilled scallops, the classic beef tartar and the same with tuna, were some of the starters we ordered. About 35 minutes later, they arrived. Yes, the restaurant was full and it was seven of us on the table, therefore it is just about okay to take some time for the food, but 35 minutes was juts on the edge. 

I was served my tuna tartar and the same waiter, Mr R. said: “Miss there is a problem with your order. You have ordered tuna carpaccio but we do not have it, so we made tuna tartar for you. Sorry.”. , he smiled, place the table and left. The funny thing about the situation was that tuna carpaccio was not on the menu, it was tuna tartar and we ordered tuna tartar. The friendly waiter also served tuna tartar, and therefore we did not really know what he apologized for. Anyways, the tartar was amazing, mixed with onions and fresh avocado. The asparagus salad, was a plate full of assorted salad leafs with 3 scallops and two pieces of asparagus. The beef tartar and all other starters such as fried Calamari were wonderful. The mains we ordered were the seafood platter, home – made tortellini, wild mushroom risotto with black truffle, vague beef noodles and The Roberto´s special pizza. The dow is super thin and backed crisp, the pizza itself has beef carpaccio and Ruccola salad with fresh parmesan. It is served cold, tastes very fine but reminds on ordering beef carpaccio and eating the same with Crisini. Offering it pizza style, was a great and unique idea. 



The rest of the evening went smooth, and all waiters, there were a lot of them around, took great care of us. Maybe a bit too much, as in too many waiters for a small number of guests. 

 To sum it up – food was great, the service up to expectations, we will be back.



Have a wonderful day,

Grazie and Ciao,




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