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Riva Beach Club on the Palm – summer, smile and a lot of sunshine

Hello to everyone out there!
Whether you live in Dubai or you passed by for pleasure, at some point of your journey you will all end up at the beach!
Some will prefer the public beach, which has the advantage of being free of charge, others prefer comfortable sun beds, the choice between the pool or the actual sea and someone who keeps refreshing drinks. Normally Kite Surf Beach or Jumeirah Beach are the preferred choice on a Friday. However this time we tried Rive Beach Club, on the Palm. Entrance free of 100 AED during the week and 50 AED more on weekends is a reasonable price. The area is not too huge but wide enough for guests not to feel like fish in oil cans. The mini resort is held in white, pastel green, and yellow colors, loads of glass elements and lights, natural as well as artificial. Up on entering the parking the young man from Pakistan greeted nicely, took off his sun glasses and said:”Good morning Mam, how are you today? The sun is shining bright, we are so lucky!” He added and handed over the parking ticket. He wished us a nice day and pointed at a free parking space next to the entrance before he waved us good – bye. At the reception, where we paid the entrance fee, we interrupted a fight between a couple of colleagues, who were told off by the manager as soon as he discovered us. He apologized for the disturbance, took our money and gave us blue beach towels, not saying anything more. We spotted a nice space at the beach and waited for someone to give us a menu. Again a gentlemen, all dressed in white approached us with the menu, and told us he will be back. Water, diet coke, juice and one Bruschetta as a light snack. The order was taken, repeated, confirmed and delivered within 15 min! Great! Easy and quick service. Efficient and quick,however less of a smile. We spent several hours there until the sun disappeared and the bottle of coconut sun lotion came to it’s end. We packed our belongings and left. Back in the parking we were greeted by the friendly man again, he asked for our ticket and said:”Oh, you did not stamp?” We did not know we had to, and therefore had to pay 30 AED on top. The first two hours were for free, any additional hour was 10 AED and without stamp the only option was to pay. Would have been nice to be informed before that, but with such a great first impression, his friendly way of explaining things after and his huge smile, we did not mind the inconvenience and paid.

The prices are relatively reasonable, the snacks are great but most of the service staff needs a bit of training in “How to smile brighter than the sun!”

Happy week,


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