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Ribs and Rumps – Dubai Mall

Sweet and short at Dubai Mall tonight!

Having a short and quick meal before watching a movie at Dubai Mall can be overwhelming with the choice of restaurants offered there.

Tonight we chose Ribs and Rumps!

Service was quick and food was tasty, so far so good we thought!

Kevin from Kenya was serving our table. He introduced himself and where he came from, took our order and overall had a very friendly and kind way of serving us.

Almost too friendly, as he came to our table millions of times, changing the pot of cutlery, bringing more and more wet tissues and interrupting our conversation saying: ‘I am from Keya, and you?’ … actually a quite friendly attempt to bond with your guests, but please let them enjoy their meal as well Kevin! Anyways, the mind-set is what counted tonight and Kevin, in his way, really tried his best! Well done!

As said, the food tasted good. Chicken wraps and ribs, all very tender, right spices, garnish and crunchy French fries!
Chapeau Chef!

We were happy to actually write a nice review until the bill arrived…

Kevin handed over the bill, saw the credit card and said:’ Do you want to give me the tip from your card, then you have to write down the amount here!’

we did not expect that much self-confidence, but fair enough he tried his best and came straight to the point! Tips here Sir!
We even received a guest comment card, unfortunately it was filled out already…

When we mentioned the same to Kevin from Kenya he answered: ‘Thank you very much, my biggest weakness is my happiness!’ smiled and walked off.

What to say…

The Good: food was good, quickly served and Kevin had the right attitude!

The Bad: less is more I would say! Too much self-confidence can be a no go for some guests and ‘my biggest weakness is happiness’ – I am not too sure about that comment either.

However, it was an average experience and we will be back.







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