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‘Renner’ a taste of Vienna

Hello my dear followers and friends, I am sending you the best regards from sunny Vienna in Austria.

We are on vacation, but this does not stop us from writing another review about one of Austria’s most famous, authentic and traditional restaurants. To get the real feel we visited ‘Renner’ a restaurant in the heart of Vienna, which has been operated successfully since 1899.

'Renner' inside

‘Renner’ inside

The place is famous for it’s beautiful guest garden, their own beer brewery and delicious but huge portions of ‘Schnitzel’ (breaded chicken or beef), and other delicate, authentic food.

Renner in Nussdorf, Vienna traditional food since 1899

Renner in Nussdorf, Vienna traditional food since 1899


It was a beautiful, sunny day and obviously we choose to sit outside in the garden, being kissed by the sun and feeling a cool breeze now and then while enjoying a pint of home – made beer and traditional food. The waitress, dressed in the traditional dress called ‘Drindl’ passed by to welcome us and handed over the extensive menu cards. She took our drinks order and left with a smile. A couple of minutes later only, she came back with two huge pints of home – made beer, one light and one mixed version. We placed our order: a traditional ‘Wiener Schnitzel’ (the previously mentioned breaded beef) and an ‘alt Wiener Suppeneintopf’ (a beef broth served with vegetables, noodles and sauces on the side).

Suppentopf - beef broth

Suppentopf – beef broth

While waiting for the food we observed the happening as usual. The female waitresses were all dressed in ‘Dirndl’ and the males were dressed in ‘Lederhosen’, demonstrating the Long history and tradition of the family business. All of them were carrying huge trays with food and filled with liters of beer and wine.

Traditional dresses, Austria

Traditional dresses, Austria

It was a real delight to see them serving guests, smiling and joking along with them at the same time. One could tell that they had fun with what they do and appreciate their guests, from the bottom of their heart. We did not wait Long for our food to arrive, which was great as we were starving already. However once we saw the actual size of the portions we wondered why we did not order one dish to share. It would have been enough for four of us.

Schnitzel, breaded beef

Schnitzel, breaded beef


The food was fantastic. Just as we expected it to be. We enjoyed the atmosphere, the sun and cool summer breeze, while sitting in the guest garden and ordered another beer. The waiter in ‘Lederhosen’ passed by to ask if everything was up to expectations and if we needed anything else. He saw our plates were half empty only, and that we bviously did not want to eat anymore. When he asked about the food we told him it was delicious but simply too much. We asked him to clear the plates. He took the first one and then the second one, turned around and accidentally kicked one of the beer glasses, pouring beer all over our trousers. Well that happens sometimes, however we were not upset because of his kind reaction. He first blushed and looked shocked for a second, then apologized right away and brought a towel to clean off the beer. He apologized again, obviously he felt ashamed, and offered us to pay for the laundry service. We just needed to pass by again and drop the receipt. Well as said, things like that happen somtimes. We were not upset as he honestly apologized and offered a solution right away before we could even react ourselves. Later on, he then passed by again and invited us for another round of beer – on the house. Despite the small accident, the remaining afternoon was great and we even staid in the garden for a couple of hours to enjoy the great atmosphere. We hope that you enjoyed today’s post about restaurants and service outside of Dubai and have a brilliant day.

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