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Red Lobster

Lobster for lunch? Life could be worse!

Being taken out for lunch, we have experienced a very tasty but rather strange lunch at Red Lobster, Dubai Mall.

The restaurant was quite busy and therefore we set outside, located in between half cleared tables and waiters who seem to have more of a headless chicken than a lobster!

Order was taken quite quickly and the restaurant manager seemed to be very nice and humble!

However, drinks and bread tool quite a while to be served and also the starters tool long…

Half through with our filled mushrooms (very tasty), a waiter appears out of nowhere and introduces himself as Chris, the one who is actually serving us!
Chris did not take any orders nor served drinks or starters but Chris thought it would be a good idea to tell us what we actually want!

‘hey sir, i would prefer your lobster to be grilled not steamed, so ill get you that one’ he said, without waiting for any reaction from our side, he vanished again and served the grilled lobster right away.

‘i guess the lobster was on the grill already once you asked for our preference, or rather told us what to order right?’ but this comment from our side, wad simply ignored by Chris, the humble waiter…

Mmmhh yes, the food was really tasty, especially the lobsters tail and French fries, but the service wad rather impersonal and unfortunately quite unprofessional as well!

Having a Bahama Mama (pine apple, mango cocktail, non alcoholic) with lobster might sound strange, but was very tasty and let you forget about ordering desert!

The good: the company and food itself

The bad: placing people outside when it gets too busy, having tables uncleared for ages and waiters who tell you what to order, instead of recommending – whether you like it or not!

Still worth giving it a try…

Stay lobster,









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