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Mar 25 2016

Raju Omlet, Dubai

Good morning to all of you! We hope you are well and that you have a great Easter weekend- Happy Holi!


The weekend started, and most of you might wonder where to go for breakfast today. Well, Raju Omlet is what we recommend today! Raju Omlet is located in Karama as well as in Al Quoz, Dubai and offers a unique and very different dining experience. Their unique selling proposition is: omelets. Omelets in all variations, filled with Indian spices, cheese, mushrooms and much more.


We visited the diner last week and were blown away. Upon entering the place we were greeted and offered a table right away. The menus were handed over, chai and fresh orange juice were offered – everything went so fast. Not in a pushy or careless way, no, everything was offered in a speedy, caring and welcoming manner. We took a few minutes to look through the menu and decided to order a Mushroom Cheese Omelet and a Masala Omelet for our first round.


The waiter repeated the order and thanked us. He stormed back into the kitchen and minutes later, our omelets were served. What a service!


The egg dishes were great and allowed us to experience something so simple, in a unique way. The same waiter (none of them wears name tags) approached our table after a while to check on us. He saw that we were about to finish up our food, and offered us to order more – and so we did!


Curious about what else was there to taste, we ordered a portion of Crush Omelet too. It was delicious, and the Parata and Indian spices served with the omelets simply complemented the overall experience.


The service was great, the food was amazing and the decoration displayed at Raju Omlet, was unique. We love this place, will be back and can only recommend it to everyone who appreciates a good breakfast, in Dubai.

Enjoy your weekend, SE







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