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Pool Bar – The One and Only “place to relax”

Live from the Pool Bar at the One and Only, Royal Mirage.
We have been busy early morning and missed breakfast. So we decided to go for an early light snack instead of breakfast or lunch – not quite a brunch but good enough to get us going for today.
Being the only guest actually sitting at the bar, I was quite surprised how long it took anyone to acknowledge that there was a new guest. But once they did, Mr Shafeeque from India, came to the table, smiling, friendly, motivated and very kind. He welcomed us and handed over the menus.
There was something about him which made us very relaxed and feel welcome – his honest smile.
Maybe because he works at the pool, and sees the beautiful sunlight all day, maybe that is why he was so cheerful and happy. Or maybe he was asked to work especially at the bar because of his cheerful and happy personality! Either way, the perfect match of a beautiful resort and wonderful service!

Wonderful and relaxing but not spotless.
After a while the table next to us was occupied with two gentlemen and a young lady from Britain.
While we already enjoyed our fresh lime and mint juice and a Parisian Tuna sandwich on brioche and eggs, the guests next to us asked for something to eat which the waiter did not understand.
Language barriers, fair enough. He quickly asked his manager who then walked over to the guests while saying out loud for everyone to hear:”I don’t even understand what you are talking about!”
Mr. Xavier, the manager, then approached the guests with the food request and said:”What was it that you wanted?… Escallop? That is only available in the other restaurant, not here!” he nodded his head, turned around and left again.
To be very honest, and honest especially about service, and sometimes even service failure, he should have at least greeted his guests first and then asked, what their request was in a much more friendly and respectful manner.
Also saying “NO”, to a guest in properties such as the One and Only Royal Mirage, to be very honest is a “NO GO”!!!
He could have asked the Chef to prepare Escallop or a similar dish and bring it over to the pool bar, or at least offer an option, mentioning what he could do of offer. Ot simply choose the easy way and at least recommend something from the menu!?!
Saying NO, smiling for the sake of smiling, and leaving the guests’ table before recommending a dish and making sure they found something they wanted to try instead of the Escallop, was not the most excellent way to deal with this little request.
But again, this is just us thinking how excellent service could be.

The team as said is great and friendly and maybe today was just not the Manager’s best one!

The Bad: A minor request like those should be handled more carefully in future, as other guests could feel upset, especially within such an environment you would rather expect value for money than a NO.

The Good: Mr Shafeeque was super friendly and he seems to have what it takes to make guests smile and therefore to us he was the true manager at the pool – at least the guests relations manager for the pool!

Keep it up Shafeeque!

Time for holidays now.

Take care,



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