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Per Te – Jumeriah, Dubait

Servicexcellence wishes all of you a wonderful morning. The fog seemed to have cleared up and the sun showed her face. A typical morning in Dubai these days. Just as the sun did earlier today, we wanted to share one of our latest discoveries with you, to enlighten your day just as much. Being out and about to review hotels and restaurants has it’s up-and down sides; that’s for sure. Many of you might agree with us that there is always a 50-50 chance to either spend a wonderful evening in a newly opened restaurant or waste your time and effort of driving around town, finding yourself eating carelessly prepared food accompanied by bad service.


Yesterday’s experience was marvelous, and we were lucky to finally drive all the way down to Jumeirah to dine at Per Te. Per Te only recently opened it’s doors;


“Per Te, an Italian ristorante and café serving fresh and modern flavors located in Jumeirah, takes pride in offering versatile flavors that guarantee to make your taste buds pop…” is that they say about themselves on their website. Obviously we looked up the restaurant, the menu and the location before we arrived there last night, and we can tell you already – what they “claim to be” is absolutely justifiable.


Up on arrival we found that there was only one more table occupied; the service staff looked desperate and ready to welcome additional guests. Once we entered we were greeted friendly by a Philippino lady and Anushka, the restaurant’s manager. He showed us around the two- floor building, leading us through the main area, to the merchandise section up the the terrace -café area. A huge place with huge potential if you ask us.


We decided to take a seat in the main area. Massimo, the Uzbek waiter welcomed us to the restaurant again and handed out a couple of menus. Doing what we always do, we ask him for his recommondation. He offered us all varieties of pizza and fish, lamp chops and starters; asked if we liked seafood or meat and kept observing our facial expressions to see if he was heading into the right direction with his offers. He did.


We ordered a freshly home-made lemon ice tea and virgin strawberry Mojito (which tasted lovely), Carpaccio and Bruschetta for our starters, followed by mushroom Risotto and his recommended lamb chop sticks as our mains.


Before our meal and drinks arrived, we were served home-backed Italian bread and three different kind of fresh pesto. It had not been served warm, however the smell and taste of the bread was as if it just came out of the oven. The dips tasted fresh and refreshing – we ended up ordering another portion of bread.


The drinks and starters were served at the same time; which was acceptable as both had been prepared a la minute. Driven by hunger and curiosity we shared a short “enjoy your meal” and diged in right away. Oh dear, it was divine. The Carpaccio served on rocket salad with Parmesan and freshly grind pepper tasted great, so did the Bruschetta. We were surprised to be honest, as the past thought us to keep our expectations to a minimum, not to be disappointed in the end.


Once we tasted what the chefs in the back area of Per Te were able to create however, the level of expectations rose with every course we received – and they were met. The Risotto was al-dente, the lamb chops grilled to perfection – medium and juicy just as we asked for them.


It was a feast, which had only been topped by the amazing dessert platter we were offered by Chef Gladwin and Anuska personally. They wanted us to try and compare the traditional Teramisu verses their own, very special creation of a semi-fredo (half frozen) Teramisu.


Since when is Servicexcellence on about the food you might wonder? What about the service itself? Well we will come to that in a minute, however it is very rare to discover a newly opened restaurant in the back streets of Jumeirah which is able to serve food in such a great, delicate and amazing way that they did last night; and this was worth a review on it’s own.


The service staff, especially Massimo and Anushka were great too. Both of them looked after us the entire evening, checked on our satisfaction and well -being and handled the service with utmost care and joy. A little shy and reluctant in the beginning but friendly and outgoing, is how we would describe Massimo. At first he served our drinks and dishes lead by a shaky hand; it was not until he overheard our conversation in German, until he revealed his origin and that he had been thought German by on of his friends. Our smile was his approval; he warmed up, threw a couple of German words at us, and seemed to be relaxed and happy about his service.

What a character; first he was shy and uncertain, in the end he asked us to take a picture of him presenting the dessert platter. Here you go Massimo, as if you knew we would write a review about yourself and the great Per Te you work at.


Even though there are some bits and pieces which would make the restaurant much more enjoyable – such as another way to display the air-condition, and a couple of candles on each table and so on – the product as well as the service convinced us of the quality and potential that Per Te has to offer.

We can only recommend all of you to make the effort of driving down all the way to Jumeirah and find our what Per Te’s team means by: “people who love to eat are always the best people”. Servicexcellence will certainly come back.

Keep exploring,


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  • One of my favourites, amazing food 🙂

    April 12, 2015 at 4:22 pm

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