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Pei Wei – WOW

Happy UAE National Day to all of you!
With having a day off yesterday but no food in the fridge we decided to order in again. This time we chose Pei Wei, a Korean – Thai restaurant.
The lady on the phone, her name was Rain, answered within one ring (one could tell she was smiling while doing so) and greeted us friendly. She took down our details first as it was the first order with Pei Wei, repeated them correctly and asked what we wish to have for dinner.
She had a very kind and polite way of communication, fantastic English, fluent and clear spoken. We ordered spring rolls, chicken market vegetable noodles and Mongolian beef with steamed rice. As we ordered two mains she told us that there will be additional two spring rolls delivered – on the house. What a nice touch. Furthermore she said the order would take 45 minutes.
This was not true at all, as it took 25 minutes only! Wow! But that was not all. When we opened the door to see who knocked (hoping it was time for dinner) a friendly, elderly man greeted us, introduced himself, read out loud the order for us and wished us a nice meal. We have maybe ordered more than a hundred times this year (no time for cooking) and never experienced such a quick, friendly, kind and polite service. This is what we call service excellence. If there was an award, the Pei Wei team would deserve it this year. Dinner time with a big WOW – and by the way, the food was delicious too!
Happy celebrations,

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