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We went for a quick lunch on Friday, to Paul’s on the famous and buzzing JBR. The sun was shining, the mood was fantastic and we were looking forward to a quick lunch before dozing off for a couple of hours.
As the majority of restaurants on JBR are currently exposed to a lot of construction noise, we decided to walk further ahead, up to Paul’s for some crepe, salads and sandwiches.
The restaurant was quite busy. We found one of the last tables outside and took a seat. After waving to one of the waiters a couple of times, he acknowledged us and trotted towards our table.
We sat right in the center, a spot easily to be overseen as we found out minutes later. He passed over the menu, asked what we wanted to drink and trotted away again. His walk was as slow as the energy level and passion when dealing with guests. Something we were not used to at Paul’s.
No one else acknowledged us or guests around us, two to three tables were waving to get anyones attention. Finally we were able to stop another waiter and asked him if they did stop serving bread, butter, vinegar and oil in general or if they just forgot. “Yes, yes” , he said and vanished as quick as he appeared. Another five minutes later our orange juices were served, our food order taken up, but still no bread.
By the time it arrived, more than 20 minutes passed. The food took another 10 minutes to arrive which was fairly quick. It did not take more than two bites until we discovered a hair in the salmon quiche. Things like this should not, but unfortunately do happen. We asked another waiter to remove the plate and showed him why.
He apologized and offered something else instead, but we denied, as we lost the appetite. To be fair, the waiter made a good attempt and tried his best in terms of service recovery, he staid calm and friendly, when he discovered the hair. It would have been even better if he showed the friendly attitude before something went wrong. As before the small incident his facial expression was more like a “actually I can not be bothered working on a Friday” than “I am proud to be working for Paul and I am passionate about making guests happy”.
On the other hand, hair or any other spare body parts of others in one’s food is a total no go.
Will we be back? Maybe we will give it a try once the construction on JBR is over, but I doubt it.
Keep calm and explore,





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