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Park Hyatt Dubai – Pool Bar

As we have family over in Dubai to celebrate and ring in 2014, we spent a couple of hours at the pool with them on new years day. Which pool? The beautiful infinity pool at the Park Hyatt Dubai, located on the Creek, overlooking the stunning skyline of Dubai and it’s yacht harbor. The Park Hyatt, with it’s beautiful design and stunning food and beverage outlets is one of our favorites in the city. This new years day however we had a rather unexpected but funny experience.


As mentioned we spent our day at the pool. After a while we got hungry and headed to the pool bar, ordering a cob salad with avocado, blue cheese and veal bacon and a cold, refreshing drink. The friendly bar man took our order and room number, reconfirmed the same and placed the order for us with the chef. The food was served within 20 minutes and tasted great.


Satisfied and full, we went back to our sunbeds and rested for a while. Just before the wind started to blow stronger and the sun appeared to go down, we placed another order for some diet cokes and a bottle of water. Unfortunately they were not served as quick as the food. Half an hour passed until a young waiter approached and then passed by us, offering our desired beverages to a young, French family next to us. The family did not know what to say, until one of us waved over the waiter, telling him that the drinks were for us initially. He smiled, placed the drinks and left.


We finished the same, got dressed and were just about to step into the garden area, leaving the pool as a young man’s voice stopped us:”Excuse me! What is your room number? You did not signed the bill!”, he stumbled out of breath. We were not surprised about him running after us and expecting him to ask us much earlier. When we asked him why he did not ask for our signature when serving or clearing the drinks, he just looked at us with open eyes and lifted shoulders and said:”I don’t know.” He must have forgotten about it, or was busy serving others, which can happen on such a busy first day of the year. We did not wonder any longer and thanked the poor guy for running after us, wished him a happy new year and good luck for the future and left. A funny first moment to share in this year. We hope there will be many more to come.

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