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Pad Thai – Madinat Jumeirah Dubai

Welcome to Pad Thai.
Located in the heart if Souk Madinat, the beautiful, petit Thai Restaurant can be reached by boat, golf cart or one simply walks along the beautiful decorated path ways.
The restaurant features a huge reception, welcoming area, were guests are greeted friendly with a smile and a cold, scented face towel to cool down. We had a reservation (highly recommended) and our guests were already waiting for us right at the center of the Thai – In.
They had ordered their starters already and nibbled from the prawn crackers dipped in sweet chili sauce while waiting for us.
Their soups arrived, however at first it seemed that no one notices we arrived too. Only after making eye contact with one waitress we were handed over the menu. The choice just right for such a restaurant. Spring rolls, mango salads with shrimps, tom yang soups, and loads of different curries. Fantastic. Once we ordered, the service was indeed just as fantastic as the food was. Authentic, from the heart and real. Why? Because Ehzil our waiter asked how spicy I wanted my red duck curry to be, and he warned me of the Chefs preference to spice things up. When I digged in, he saw the fire burning in my eyes, asked me how the curry was and saw the tears in my eyes. He could not help it and started laughing. Brilliant and real humor. Made me laugh so badly, as his reaction was just honest and his laugh came from the heart. We were offered a bottle of wine, after 8pm due to the holy month of Ramadan. The food was great and hot the service fantastic.
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