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Organic Foods Cafe

Good afternoon to all of you!
What were you up to today? A lazy, long breakfast, a fun brunch or a casual lunch? We went for a lazy breakfast – lunch at the Organic Foods Cafe, on Sheik Zayed Road.
Hungry and seeking for fresh, healthy and unique ingredients, we finally decided to enter the restaurant after passing by on the highway for so many times.
The Cafe is combined with the actual organic foods shop, offering fresh, unique goods and products imported from Austria, Italy, Germany and Australia.
The prices in the store are adequately high, but we expected that. I personally do agree with the fact that, if you want imported, high quality products on your plate for dinner you need to be ready to pay for that too.
Nevertheless, today we did not come for shopping, we wanted breakfast, at least one of us did.
We entered the small Cafe attached to the store and were welcomed in a friendly manner. “Would you like to have breakfast or go for our buffet lunch?”, the waiter asked. “Both”, we replied. I sat down and had a look at the menu while my companion headed off the explore the buffet. The buffet was filled with various salads, lasagne, pasta dishes, chicken and vegetables, a soup of the day, fresh juices and cakes.
We tried it all, a bit from here, a bit from there. Myself, I ordered a Cafe Latte, freshly squeezed orange juice and a spinach omelette with caramelized onions and feta cheese. Miss Rein took order and said:”Madam, is the hot beverage for you or the gentlemen, because for the buffet package, hot beverages are included?” “The Latte is actually for myself”, I replied. She smiled at me and said”Don’t worry Madam, I will just not charge you for it!”, she turned around, smiled one more time and left. The Latte and the juice were served in minutes and Miss Rein also brought me some toasted brown bread, again she said”Madam, in case you want to have some more bread, you can also help yourself from the buffet.” Well that was unexpected assertive and sweet of her. She obviously knew how to turn a guest’s first visit into customer loyalty. The omelette was served another five minutes later and tasted just as expected, fresh, spiced up and healthy. Miss Rein passed by to check on us and to clear our plates, during the entire visit she made sure that we were happy and satisfied. Two thumbs up and well done to such a fantastic service.
The only thing I was wondering about was the fact of offering organic food and fresh juices on the buffet, where guests can help themselves refilling their paper cups. It stated on the cups that they were “organic”, however would it not be more environmentally friendly to use actual glasses? Yes of course, one could discuss about how much electricity and water such a industrial dish washer uses and how much one spends on producing those paper cups. Again, it just crossed our mind while enjoying the meal and the great service.
Once again, thank you very much to Miss Rein for the super service and well done to the TimeOut awarded Organic Foods Cafe.
Happy weekend everyone,









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