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Ocean Blue – Restaurant Kai

Sunset dinner – a rather unique experience!

Ocean Blue, definitely is a must for its fish! But unfortunately it seemed that the only valuable employee there was the Chef!

When we entered, the restaurant was still empty – we were the first ones to have dinner that evening. All waiters saw us, but no one greeted or acknowledged us!

We seated ourselves! After a couple of minutes and waving for the waiter, he finally got up from his chair, approached us and said: ‘Mmmh, what do you want?’

To be very honest, SEB wanted to leave the restaurant, but then we thought it is also worth blogging about The Bad sometimes, to appreciate The Good even more!

But it did not stop there! We chose our starters, fish and wine, and never a smile or any comment from the waiter! He took the order looking rather bored, passed on the information to the kitchen and set down for a chat with his colleagues again!

Maybe the poor guy had a bad day we though, as he did not smile at all!
But even his colleague, who finally served the wine and starters, placed them not saying a single word and of course without a single smile!

You will see what I mean looking at the pictures!

The food was great, and fortunately for us our table was located close to the kitchen entrance, and we saw when the Chef placed the freshly, grilled fish for service pick up – so we could call the waiter to actually pick up the fish and serve it!

Yes, unfortunately, the whole experience during this early dinner was bad, which is a shame for the nice location – The Bad!

The Good: the location is quite nice during sunset and as said, the Chef is quite talented!

But most of times SEB is fine with the food – as we are looking for outstanding service examples, the mission to discover Service Excellence in this restaurant failed!

But we do not give up and keep on looking for the ultimate Good until we find Service Excellence!

What do you think?






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