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Nofara Cafe – English Breakfast Arabic style

It seems like that all we do on weekend is to catch up on sleep, catch up with meeting friends, reads and eat a lot.
And this what we did today, sleep long and go out for breakfast. We did not go far today, we just went down the stairs from our tower in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, and climbed up another staircase on the tower next to us. Jumeirah Lakes Tower Cluster X, this is where Nofara Cafe is located.
It has not been long since the bistro cafe opened up its doors but it looked nice from outside and we thought to give it a try.
The layout and design of the restaurant is brilliant. A small outside area with wide sun umbrellas, a huge dining area, non smoking featuring a dedicated kids play area decorated nicely and colorful and a separate smoking area where Nofara offers traditional Shisha for 35 AED only.
The colors chosen for the restaurant are green, purple, brown and beige.
A perfect combination with beautiful decoration highlights such as flower arrangements, the colorful kids area and black & white photographs on the wall.
The restaurant was cosy- the service rather slow. When we entered, at around 12:00 when a total of five guests filled the place. Two waiters were working behind the coffee machine and the chef was sitting in the smoking area working on his laptop.
When we entered, it took some time for us to take the order, as no one came. We were greeted friendly up on entering the door, but after that there was silence for a while before someone passed by with menus. The only thing one could hear was the TV tuned on full volume, clashing with the music coming from the restaurant’s playlist.
When taking the order we asked for either the TV or the music to be turned off. The waiter shook his shoulders and turned of the TV, wondering what we were on about. He walked back to our table, very slowly walked back, and looked at us, again saying nothing.
We repeated our orders again for him just to be sure that he got it right, he shook his shoulders, said a short:”Ok.”, and walked off.
2 orange juices, 2 farm house breakfasts and one single espresso. The beverages were served after five minutes the food after another fifteen.
The waiter, the same one who took our order before, laid the table and put down our breakfast plates, filled with egg sunny side up, chicken sausage, mushroom and baked beans.
His movements were so slow that I actually wanted to give him a hand, I thought, either I take the plates out of his hand or he will drop them falling asleep. It was not early morning, it was lunch time, not busy, air-conditioned and there was enough entertainment as TV and music, therefore I could only interpret his service as either not being interested and no willingness to be employed as a waiter, or the poor man had a really bad night. Apart of the super slow service, the food was great and tasted delicious.
The ambience of the restaurant itself was fantastic (apart of the TV going on again and clashing with Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi hit on the radio) and we are curious to come back for dinner, lime mint juice and a Shisha one day soon.
I hope you had a great weekend!
Stay hungry – keep exploring!







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