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Nando’s – The Greens, Dubai

”The Nando’s story started centuries ago, when the Portuguese explorers set sail for the East in search of adventure and the legendary spice route. The winds of Africa called them ashore and it was there, under the warm sun, in the rich soil that they discovered the African Bird’s Eye Chilli or PERi-PERi. A spice like no other, they used it to create a unique sauce that put fire in their bellies and ignited passion in their souls.”

Nando's, Greens Dubai

We love Nando’s. Not only the food is amazing, but the service, regardless if you order in or dine in one of their restaurants, the service is top. We recently visited one of their branches in the Greens, Dubai. It was hot, it was lunch time and it was busy. Nonetheless, we were greeted friendly, accompanied to our table and felt welcome right away. When the waiter passed over the menu, he said that the kitchen was super busy and warned us that we might have to wait for a bit longer than usually for our food. We did not mind, as we knew what kind of quality to expect from the chefs, and were impressed about the waiter’s pro-activeness and polite way of serving and informing us in advance.

Hot Hot Hot

Two minutes later the drinks were served, and before we could even wash our hands or start our afternoon – lunch chit chat, our food arrived. Magical. Not only was the chicken grilled up to perfection and tasted amazing like usually, no the service was just great and super efficient. A perfect example of  ‘under promise – over deliver”.

Why we love Nando’s so much, you might wonder? It might not be a fine dining restaurant, but it is definitely worth going there every time again, as the food makes your “bellies burn and ignites passion in our souls…”

Nando’s means service with a SMILE.

Thank you,


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