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Meydan Beach Club, Dubai

Good day to all of you! Where are you? At work, or on the beach? Are you working hard or are you working out? We had a minute or two left this morning and thought that we make use of the time and share our last experience with you. Unfortunately it was not the best one.

Last weekend, we were lost between various choices of where to spend the day, where to go for breakfast or to spend the night. We checked with a couple of friends to find out what they were up to and agreed to meet them for sun downer cocktails only. That’s why we stormed through the newspapers to get some inspiration of what to do during the day, and ended up at Meydan Beach Club for breakfast a couple of hours later.

Meydan Beach Dubai,  Entrance

Meydan Beach Dubai, Entrance

Meydan’s advertisement stated that they serve an a la carte breakfast from 08:30 until 12:00 and one could combine it with a stay at the beach club and relax on their beautiful sun beds. To be sure that the deal was still on, we called up Meydan and checked with them. The lady on the phone ensured us that the a la carte breakfast would be as amazing as it had been stated in the printed advertisement and invited us to come over.

It got late and we quickly packed our beach bags and rushed to Meydan Beach Club. We arrived just after 10:30 but found ourselves to be the only guests. The restaurant was empty and even the beach club itself was less crowded than expected. For the pool that is not a bad thing at all but the restaurant inside as well as outside, just looked like it had been abandoned.

Meydan Beach Dubai, Restaurant

Meydan Beach Dubai, Restaurant

We were surprised, but still curious about the a al carte breakfast deal and took a seat outside. It took a couple of minutes until a young, blond, Eastern European lady approached us and handed over the menu cards. We were trying to look for eggs, omelettes, but all we could find was cold cuts, cheese, fruits and pastries. When we asked her about the eggs, she just raised her shoulders, looked at us with her eyes wide open and said: “You want what? Eggs?”  She then shook her head and continued: “You misunderstood something here. We do serve breakfast, we just don’t do anything our chefs would actually have to cook…”, before she could continue, she was interrupted by another couple taking a seat behind us, excused herself and left.

We were shocked and thought about going somewhere else instead, but then decided to make the best out of it and said we will give it another try. We looked at the menu again and decided for a cold platter with a glass of orange juice, two cappuccini, a croissant and some muesli with yogurt. When the lady returned to take our order, she referred back to the menu and said that if we choose all of that we would not get the breakfast deal and would have to pay more than 50 AED each and asked if we were sure that we wanted to do that… (I was very surprised, to hear a statement like that from a service attendant – aren’t they supposed to up-sell not down-sell?), and finally said that she hoped to remember our order. When we asked her why she would not write the order down, she just raised her shoulders again, laughed and vanished.  She should have done.

Meydan Beach, Beach Club View

Meydan Beach, Beach Club View

10 minutes later, the lady returned empty handed just to let us know that the orange juice was not available anymore, and she forgot if we ordered a plain or a chocolate croissant. We were speechless, but that should have not been all on that day, there was more to come. It took another 5 minutes for the hot beverages to fly in, another 3 for the juices and the muesli, but the cold meat platter and the croissant never reached our table. When we asked about them, the waitress looked like we just reminded her about picking up the order from the kitchen pass…

She must have sent one of colleagues to our table, because the following time another lady served the missing breakfast items. She served the croissant and the cold cuts – but no bread or butter with it. When we asked for bread and butter, she did not know what we were talking about and just said that it had not been ordered and therefore not been served.

WOW. In my entire life of dining out, I never received a service that had so much space for improvement, and this is me, saying things out loud with a consciously chosen, positive attitude.

We placed the order and kept on waiting. It took another 7 minutes for the bread to arrive and again – the butter was missing. It was so bad that I started laughing already, and when I politely asked her if she just had a bad day or if she was new, the lady just looked at me again, with her big eyes and said: “Sorry, it’s just that our chef is still sleeping, I guess.” That was it – that was enough. I asked her if she was serious (and she was) about blaming her colleagues in front of guests in such an unprofessional manner and asked her to leave the table.


A couple of minutes later, the same lady returned again, and served a plate with 4 cookies on top, placed it on our table and said: “‘This is from me, sorry for the inconvenience.”


When we asked for the bill, a gentleman in a half open, white shirt approached us. First we did not know who he was, but then figured out quickly that he must have been her boss. It took him a while to introduce himself, as his main priority was to listen to our experience and find out what he could do to make up for it again.  We shared what we went through and thanked him for his time. He offered us a glass of wine (it was 5 pas 12:00 and we came by car) but we denied. We just had breakfast. He gave us his card and said that he will try his best to improve the service. Well at least he made an effort of passing by and trying to make up for what went wrong, we really appreciated that, but we simply had enough on that day.

Maybe one day, we will be back and see what happened to the service, maybe one day… Hope you had better experiences lately.

Have a great day,


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