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Meat Co, Madinat Jumeirah – me(a)et the new “General Manager”

What a wonderful mild and relaxing Friday!

The weather was amazing, sunny but not too hot, the sky blue and SEB off to a next Servicexcellence discovery!

We ended up in Souk Madinat, looking for a nice table, outside preferably and found one in Meat & Co. Known for their “re-definded meat lover’s experience”.

The menu offers a great variety of steaks and sea food items, with quite a nice and tasty range of sauces and side dishes.

Mr. T, at the Meat & Co, Madinat Jumeirah

Besides that, Meat & Co claims to have an impressive wine selection and overall is a “Must Visit” in Dubai – well we have experienced it a little different today!

Situated in the heart of Souk Madinat Jumeirah, it is normally quite hard to get a table on a Friday, if not booked in advance.

However, to our surprise we were offered a table outside, until “4;30 pm only”, as we were told.

We received the menus right away and the waiter, Mr. T, took our order: One large bottle of San Pellegrino , Coke with ice, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc,  one glass of Rose, fired Calamari, Chicken Skewers and a Gourmet Burger – well done.

So far so good. Drinks were served and their famous warm bread filled with potato bits and pieces too.

However, the waiter Mr. T always seemed to be a little distracted and always in a rush – maybe because the terrace was packed with guests like us and his supervisors and managers were too busy to assist – but more of that later on.

I have to admit, that the food was quite OK. The  Calamari were fine, tasted fresh and the overall presentation of the starter looked tasty and nicely done. The Gourmet Burger was a good choice too.

The meat was well done, but still tender and soft and the pineapple mixed with cheese, was different then the usual but in combination mouthwatering.

Fried Calamari and Gourmet Burger, Meat & Co

When the Chicken Skewers were served by another waiter, the same pointed on the heated metal stick and in a very ruff way said: : “Don’t touch this. This is hot.”, then he turned and was never seen again.

Looking for some mayonnaise and ketchup however was just as difficult then asking for an ashtray. Mission Impossible. We had to get up ourselves to get it, as waiters were too busy, ignored us and obviously did not pay a lot of attention to detail.

But this is why Servicexcellence keeps on writing reviews all of you – to mention and uncover what others leave out or do not see.

Anyways, it did not end there. While enjoying our main course, we had to make a terrible discovery.

The terrace was packed with guests as said, the waiters were in a rush and therefore missed out to bring ashtrays, sauces or to even ask if everything was up to our satisfaction. Suddenly we identified a couple of gentlemen standing around next to the restaurants entrance, hands in their pockets, chatting or leaning against the wall, while talking on the phone.

The picture collage says it all.

First there were four of them, then three and then two of those mentioned guys, standing around, observing the happening around them, hands in their pockets, for at least 30 – 45 minutes.

Out of curiosity we stopped Mr. T and asked who those people were.

“These are our supervisors, and the one in the blue shirt is our new General Manager. The guy next to him, the Assistant General Manager”, he explained to us.

WOW, after all restaurants we have been to, after all what we have seen, today’s Meat & Co image of the Management topped it all.

Not only that their staff are struggling to deliver any kind of acceptable service, and seemed to be ‘swimming around” for the entire lunch, all supervisors including the “General Managers” simply stand around, with crossed arms or hands in their pockets, chatting.

Of course we kept observing them, and saw that once a group of new guests arrived and asked for a table, all supervisors and managers disappeared within seconds.  – “Customer Service? – us, no thank you!”

Finally one of the supervisors came down to the terrace walking from table to table, arms crossed at the back to ask for his guests’ well being.

When he came to our table, and asked we just said: “Mmmhh, yes it’s ok”. At least now his alarm bells should have been ringing and if he paid any attention to detail or actually cared about our experience he would have asked what was wrong, or not up to satisfaction.

Instead he wished us a “Happy new Year” (on the 4th of January) and walked off, rushing to the next table.

When all of them were gone, we paid attention to the rest of the staff again, replenishing the tables for dinner set-up.

And again, no attention to details. Look at the picture below, 3 people to lay one table of 6 but none of them saw that the pillows ere dirty and the zips open so one could see the padding hanging out.

I have to admit that Mr. T, out of everyone was still quite humble and friendly once the crowed of guests left and the service requirements decreased.

At least he continued with his work, while some of his colleagues including Chefs set in the Private Dining Room to have their duty meal, visible for all guests passing by.

The overall image of Meat & Co was a very bad one I have to admit, sorry Mr. T, but even your smile when handing over the bill did not help anymore in the end.

As the bill, last but not least shocked us again. A glass of Rose for 80 AED (around 21 US Dollar) ?

Well, enough for now, pictures below say more than a thousand words.

The Good: Calamari, Gourmet Burger and Chicken Skewers, were not fantastic but up to expectations.

The Bad: It has been a long time, since we were that surprised and shocked with such a bad example of customer service, seeing managers standing around with their hands in the pockets. And is has definitely been the first time for us, to actually get up to the service station to get our own ashtray and tomato sauce.

SEB hoped you enjoyed your Friday off and wishes you a nice and relaxing weekend!


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  • I’m just curious: Why didn’t you explain all this to the supervisor instead of just assuming that he would know that “Mmmhh, yes it’s ok” actually means “horrible service experience”?

    January 10, 2013 at 3:28 pm
  • Hi there,
    I did read this post as well and I just thought I had to point out a couple of things, one being that I do believe you should have talked to the manager at some point if you were that displeased with the service (to be honest it seems like it is the case most of the time on your blog).
    Also, up until the first or even the second week of January I believe it is quite courteous and warming to wish your near and dears a Happy New Year especially if it is the first time you have seen them that year; I would totally understand if the manager came up to you in the middle of Feb to say happy new year, but it being the 4th of Jan, I think it was quite nice of the management to make their rounds wishing people a happy new year. My friends and I (from atleast 20 different nationalities around the globe) are quite thrilled to wish each other Happy New Year, even if it be a week or 2 late; its just a courteous gesture.
    I love reading blogs, sometimes inspiring and sometimes informative; Foodiva for one has written some fabulous reviews with sharp and to the point matters clearly laid out; Arva from In a Frying pan has some great reviews as well with fantastic stories tucked in between; Devina Divecha another great food blogger; but it really deters me when I see mis-spelt words and sometimes even words that dont exist:
    With references from your previous posts: Yo Sushi: someone ‘poored’ (corect spelling: poured) the water; Tony Roma’s: didn’t want to make a ‘fuzz’ (correct spelling fuss); Mahiki: thika puka puka (correct spelling Tika puka puka); Word ‘Anyways’ as written in this post is not a word in the english language… perhaps a spell check on microsoft word before posting on here would help.
    And adding on to it consistent negativity (even where it may not be required) most of time it leaves readers with a bad taste.

    I hope my comment may not deem too upsetting and hope that this may have helped you in the least.
    Good Luck and a Good Day to you

    January 14, 2013 at 9:31 am

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