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Moroc Lounge Bar – Ibn Battuta

Where to go after watching a new block buster in Ibn Battuta Mall at 22:30 on the weekend?
Well we thought Moroc Lounge Bar in Ibn Battuta Hotel would be nice – but we were told better!

Arriving at the lounge, nobody there to great or welcome us. The bar outside not busy at all but tables were not cleared and service inattentive! We seated ourselves and hoped for the better, again were proven wrong!

The waiter came after waving him over and stood in front of us saying nothing. We asked for a menu and received the one shown in the picture below! All dirty and crumbled, not very five star I guess!

He also gave us one menu only despite the fact that we were actually too and instead of presenting it, he just stretched out his hand waiting for me to sit up straight and reach out for it!

One beer and mint lemon juice was the order, the waiter came back with the beer and said: “We are out of mint, there is no lemon mint juice anymore!” As we were not offered the menu, we then asked for the menu again, and decided for an ice tea, hoping there was any ice left!
Placing the order, the same waiter looks at me saying:”Long island ice tea right?” “No, I want normal ice tea, no alcohol please” he looks at me rather confused and replies:” It that available? This is in the menu?”

Well, if he didn’t know how should we, but obviously it was written there …

Ice tea came, but no taste at all. It was clearly a cold tea served in a long drink glass, nothing more, nothing less.

I was fixing something in my hair while he placed the drink and he just stood there again stretching his arm out, waiting for me to lean over the table, reaching for his hand to take the straw!

Well if I wanted a late night gym session, we would have gone to FitnessFirst I guess!

He then also came again, not asking for our well being, but handing over the bill, we did not ask for, as they were about to close in an hour…

Not really impressed by this rather non- relaxed service – atmosphere, we left, the drinks half full but Service Excellence one experience and review richer!

The Good: Ibn Battuta recently launched a new club – and we will come back to check this out too!
Plus, the valet parking guys were quite friendly and smiling!

The Bad: well, this blond, European waiter did not show any enthusiasm, passion or willingness for service and this reflected our overall disappointing experience!

Well, not again in Moroc Lounge Bar, maybe see you all next door one day!

Good night,

No mint
Quote: long island ice tea? Is that in the menu?



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