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Markette, Dubai

Good evening to all of you.  We hope you are well. The weekend has come to an end and Servicexcellence is ready with another review for you. Here we go: Markette, BoxPark, Dubai.

We hope that by now, you managed to visit the BoxPark on Al Wasl Road. It is unmissable, and just an amazing piece of architecture, design and concept. The BoxPark offers a variety of designer and main stream shopping outlets, cafes and a great choice of amazing restaurants.

This time we met a couple of friends to review Markette, one of the biggest restaurants in the area. Big, not only in regards to the actual size of the venue, also big in service: big smiles, big hearts and super big portions.

The welcome was friendly, in fact we were greeted with: “Welcome to Markette, welcome home!”, accompanied by a big smile and a friendly gesture to enter the restaurant.

As said we went out with a couple of friends, and as we were early, we had plenty of time to take pictures, observe the staff and browse though the extensive menu. Once our guests arrived we finally ordered drinks as well as food and thought of starting off with some starters first.

The drinks, were a variety of sodas as well as freshly squeezed and punched juices. All of them were refreshing, yet unique in their recipe and taste.

For our starters we ordered beetroot falafel, fresh shrimps in garlic sauce, spicy chilli – fries with cheese and fried calamari. Initially we thought of sharing all of them, before we would order the restaurant’s signature dish – Galettes, for our mains.

Our plan did not quite work out as we thought and we never had the chance to try, neither the savoury option nor the sweet Galettes. Why? Because the starters we ordered were so big and filling that we were not even able to think about ordering some more food.

What are those Galettes you might wonder now? As said, one can order them with salmon, onions, bacon and cheese, or enjoy a Galette Channel filled with chocolate and other calorie bombs. Everyone can create his or her own Galette.

The service was so friendly and caring though out the afternoon, that reflecting about our experience more carefully today, we do not even mind coming back time and time again – eating ourselves through the menu. Everyone took good care of us, checked on our well being and shared a constant feeling of joy with colleagues and guests around. It was a great afternoon, with amazing food, great friends and a small cup of Cappuccino in the end.

Thank you for a great experience, Markette – Team!


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